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[BC] Ping Spikes

I'm on Broadband 50 and up until about a week and a half ago everything's been great.

My level of technical knowledge is quite high by the way.

For the past 1-2 weeks my ping to server isn't consistent. It'll return 5-10 good results (ie 30-70ms) to google.ca, then 1-2 high results (ie 120-700ms), then back to normal.

This isn't causing a problem with regular day to day use but if I try to play online games like Battlefield 3, it makes it utterly unplayable to have a ping go from 60 to 500 every little bit.

I've tried everything conceivable, with the router, without the router, different computer, different shaw outlet (room), no difference. I can consistently get inconsistencies in the ping...

@shawhelp says my modem signal strength isn't the greatest, but it's a new modem and the same house (I rent) as it was 3 weeks ago when things were fine.

Any ideas? The last Shaw tech that was here pretty much just dismissed things and said "yeah, the signal's fine", which at that time was probably true because I had no problems then.

I just hate getting a shaw tech to come by, it never solves anything and I usually have to take a damn day off work.

Anyone ever encounter this? I'm pretty close to switching to Telus but it's not all rosy there either and I don't particularly feel like losing Shaw's newsgroup servers.


Burnaby, BC
I think you should switch, bra.
Shaw's network is a bus type infrastructure.
It will improve as subscribers leave.