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[seeking] Any recommendations for Semi-Dedicated with LiteSpeed

Hi, I am looking for a reliable (truly 99.9% uptime) hosting company with excellent customer support (fast response time within 1-2 hours) that offers semi-dedicated hosting using LiteSpeed.

I am considering MDDHosting or MonsterMegs? Has anyone hosted with them?

Does anyone have any other recommendations for me? My monthly budget is less than $50.

I am not considering VPS because I do not require root access etc but would probably need more system resources.


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Mount Juliet, TN

Re: [seeking] Any recommendations for Semi-Dedicated with LiteSp

I can recommend WiredTree ( for their VPS or Hybrid (a true semi-dedicated server setup) servers with LiteSpeed. I've had excellent results with the system itself, and their servers are fully managed and 'hardened', but...

Tech support can be hit or miss in terms of helpfulness and true understanding of the issue, depending on the complexity of the problem. The good techs are fantastic, the "doing what I'm told" folks... well, not so much. If your needs are good hardware & basic http support, I think you'll be thrilled. Their response time to issues is virtually instant. They even have 24/7 phone support (though you'll usually be directed to fill out a ticket - it seems to be an internal 'tracking' thing). Other than scheduled maintenance (which has been twice, for a few minutes, early AM, in almost 1.5 years now) I've seen one major downtime of about 4 hours. This was an issue that affected their entire datacenter's power system.

"I am not considering VPS because I do not require root access etc but would probably need more system resources."

You can get the basic VPS and LiteSpeed for about what you're budgeting; the Hybrid is more expensive. I wouldn't trust anything LESS than VPS (i.e. 'shared hosting') for LiteSpeed, even if it's available, ESPECIALLY since you stated you would probably need MORE resources (which is why I use the Hybrid system). Their prices do include WHM and CPanel, so you can easily host multiple domains on the one account, or even resell if that's something that you are interested in.