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Superior, WI
reply to OwlSaver

Re: If I wanted 300 I would get two 150s

said by OwlSaver:

If I get the 300/65 it costs me $205 per month. If I get two 150/65 and bond them together, I get 300/130 for $190 per month. So, I have to do some configuring and I may loose a little speed but I save $15 a month.

Didnt notice this before actually. I wonder if you could get 2 lines? It seems odd that its more than double the price, for just more download and not more upload, when you can pay less for two of the 150 lines and get double the upload too. Seems silly now, and a massive rip off, unless they are instituting caps and overages for all their tiers except the 300mbps tier.