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Glen Head, NY
reply to chgo_man99

Re: Offload

said by chgo_man99:

Show her some study on average data usage with common aps like web browsing, email, pictures, YouTube and music streaming.

She pays $30 for data, she should have no fear using it.

She should that whenever she roams on a foreign carrier though. The basic international plan packages can be easily exceeded in one day.

She has basically picked up my "bad" habits. We both have excellent public WiFi coverage through the Optimum WiFi (now CableWiFi) service and both of us started our iOS experience with iPod Touch's so we were used to seeking out WiFi.

I have unlimited data service with Sprint but turned off the cellular data a few months ago because the data performance was pathetic. In her case, the speeds are fantastic but she does need to keep an eye on usage (I had her install the DataMan app to monitor usage). Sitting at her desk at work, she gets Optimum WiFi coverage so she is connected during the day without 3G.

As they have experienced the dreaded bill shock due to SMS and voice minute overages (now running with unlimited SMS), she does not want to get a third one for excessive data usage. Those of us "fortunate" enough to live in Cablevision's service area can do pretty well without cellular data. Even my barber has an Optimum WiFi hotspot in his business. They gave it to him for free in conjunction with his existing business service.
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Chesterfield, MO
Hey Apple, here's a feature request for iOS 6: Add a max data limit option that automatically disables cellular data. That would end any such fears. Of course this assumes iOS counts data the same way the carrier counts data. If it doesn't, perhaps two values: A limit and a factor that adjusts the actual bytes used to match the carrier's algorithm.