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Superior, WI
reply to DaSneaky1D

Re: If I wanted 300 I would get two 150s

said by DaSneaky1D:

Plus server costs, plus colocation costs (as I can't imagine you'll freely have access to a 1gbps port to support your new, bonded 300mbps service).

Yeah, you sure can save $15 if you were already deployed on the infrastructure able to support it.

Or.... you could just pay the extra $15 and save the trouble

Its not hard to turn an older PC into a router with load balancing. As long as it has a dual core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and 3 gig ports(2 for in, and 1 for out to a normal router maybe, or use the PC as the router). I made a load balancing PC for a client for about $50, and it also then doubles as a NAS and network management computer. Hell, even a single core P4 or P3 machine would probably work just fine. You would only need 2 fibers in to keep them separate.

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The Lou
For load-balancing, sure. Bonding, however, is much more complicated and expensive.


Oviedo, FL
Not really, just need nics that support aggregate bonding (lots do already) and run linux with it (most white box pc routers software is linux based). So with the real cost is the modems for bridging to the pc router.
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