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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to wolfman2g1

Re: New Data Center Build out..

A few points

1. Wrong forum (this is the home home office pic forum), you want the »Photos of Broadband gear I think.

2. Cool, I'd look to not just tinting the windows but getting double or tripple pane windows (and tinted)

3. For various reasons I'd make sure (if possible) that the HVAC systems could cool the wholle room if only one ws working (you know redundancy) and look into UVC and other things for the HVAC systems to maximize the cleanliness of the air. Also I'd look into a recirculate mode or some way to keep the fan going even when the set temp is reached (just incase it is) to keep the air moving.

4. I'm guessing its to late for this but I'd look into a raised floor

5. Over all I envy you for getting to work on setting up a nice sized data center.