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Kissimmee, FL
reply to coldmoon

Re: Just a question

said by coldmoon:

While this cost may have been large in the past with a unique staff at each channel, a great number of local stations around the country have consolidated this so the stories you see reported (not the anchors) are exactly the same from the same reporters regardless of which affiliate station you are watching.

This is accelerating and is getting a great deal of backlash, but all the same it is happening and I suspect there would potentially be greater consolidation in other areas as well with time and changes in regulations.

For national interested stories... Totally. But you aren't seeing the same reporters reporting on local interest stories. You don't see a ton of cooperation between the ABC and NBC Affiliate in your local market when reporting on a story at your local state capital, or at the local police department.

You do however tend to see sharing between local TV and Radio stations... often which may even be owned by the same parent company. (Your ClearChannel owned TV station news and weather guys on your local ClearChannel owned radio station giving news/weather updates).

said by coldmoon:

With tough times comes opportunity. Opportunity for pain as well, but without it you get no change and no progress. Also note that there is just too much crap out there already in the cable/sat world with most channels running re-runs of the same stuff over and over (sort of like having to watch CNN Headline news more than once). And having FEWER program choices may work to improve the quality of the stuff that survives with the resultant savings and concentration of talent to make that content even better.

You see lead, I see some silver in that lining...

I totally agree that in the cable environment there is a lot of room for improvement and even some room for contraction. the Big media companies (Including the national broadcast network owners) have a lot of flexibility which they can use to adjust to the changing marketplace.... even if it means a painful contraction in their size.

my whole point though is about the local broadcast station which are your local network affiliates. These guys don't have that flexibility. They don't have 30 channels of programming that can be easily shrunk to 5 because of constant repeats.

My point is that this is a dangerous thing for the local broadcasters because the potential advertising revenue loss is going to hit them a whole lot harder than it would the much larger cable channel conglomerates. As a potential worst case scenario, we could even see enough free-to-air broadcasters go under that the days of Free Over-the-air TV would be gone. While the networks themselves will undoubtedly adapt and survive, We need to keep in mind what the end of the local affiliate channel could impact.

Broadway, NC
For national interested stories... Totally. But you aren't seeing the same reporters reporting on local interest stories....
No, local stations are consolidating nation-wide and it is a real problem already:

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