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Colorado Springs, CO

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Prices seem very high

I'm a Comcast subscriber in Colorado, so we're not likely to ever get anything like fiber to the home. However, the price for the lower bandwidth tiers seem awfully high compared to what we pay here.

My 12/2 Internet service is $42.95/month and will never go up because in out area we have price for life with double-play as long as we don't change our options. For those who were not eligible for Price For Life, there have been a couple of $2 price increases for this service, though the speeds are something like 16/2 for ~$48/month + or -.

On Friday, I streamed a two hour HBO Go movie to a WiFi connected laptop to an HD TV using HDMI, and the Audio-Video presentation was perfect with a fabulous visual appearance. Not a single glitch. Viewing the bandwidth using NetMeter, it seemed that stream buffered at 8 Mb/s for a while, waited about the same amount of time and buffered again at 8 MB/s, and repeated during the time of the stream. The total stream was about 2.5 GBytes. This seemed like a pretty good stress test. FYI: speed tests show consistently 12.7 Mb/s down, 2.0 up and 1.50 MB/s download speeds for large downloads. This is extremely reliable.

My household consists of just my wife and me, as we're empty nesters and not likely to be streaming more than one movie at a time using internet. For normal Internet use (surfing, email, windows updates,etc.) we get by just fine. Thus, the 12/2 plan seems just fine for our needs now.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to competitive cable company prices in FIOS areas and the number of folks switching to cable from FIOS depending on Cable's response.
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