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Long Island

Winter in summer

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I have been reading a lot about this. I told people a few mouths back it would be cold in June but they thought i was nuts. Now i wish i was. The last time i felt this cold in June i was visiting this place. »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandycove Almost 3 years to the day.

Its cold at my house. 53 out my back door. Not normal for June here on Long Island. Fits right in with the insane lack of a winter here too.

Winterlike Pattern Means Dismal Days Ahead:

Time marches on, but even after a very mild winter, memories of the two previous winters (2009-10 and 2010-11) remain fresh in many a Northeast resident's mind. Snow piled up to the top of street signs and many a school day was cancelled as one winter storm after another plowed through the region.

The pattern those winters was dominated by what meteorologists call a "Greenland block." A strong bubble of high pressure sets up near or over Greenland. This acts like a "block" -- like a boulder in a babbling brook, if you will -- forcing the jet stream to plunge southward across eastern Canada and the eastern United States -- dragging chilly air from the Arctic down with it.

In the colorful map at the top of this page, you see an illustration of that pattern -- except that map isn't from the winter of '09, but rather a forecast for Monday -- yes, the fourth day of June 2012.

Such a dip in the jet stream virtually always brings below-average temperatures to the Northeast. And it will this time -- no doubt, it will be chillier than usual through early this week.

For instance, parts of Upstate N.Y. and New England may struggle to see highs as warm or warmer than average lows for early June. Yep...a day with highs only in the 50s...in June!
»www.weather.com/news/weather-for ··· 20120601


Atlanta, GA
I can feel the changes now. I'm not sure if we have to worry about it or not.

Proud Union THUG
Fort Worth, TX
reply to M A R S
Weather patterns change... Nothing we can do to start/stop them.

last year was a historic drought for texas too.. guess what... all the lakes are full again and water restrictions are mostly gone.
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Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
reply to M A R S
The low was 51.8F here at 2:30 this morning. It's now 54.5F. I'm thinking of firing up the furnace for one last hurrah.

A Greenland block makes for very cool weather in this part of the country. I remember having this weather for July 4th a couple of times.

BTW: There are 4 locations in southwest Greenland reporting 54F this morning. Said locations have been recording high temperatures around 70-75F, which is 15-20 degrees F too high.

At any rate, the pattern is breaking down rapidly. 50F this week, 90F next week. Welcome to June in the Northeast.

The Pup Was Female, I'M Not
reply to M A R S
Same issues in the Pacific Northwest. It was 51° and raining this morning in the Puget Sound area. Actually turned the furnace back on yesterday morning and today!
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Saint Augustine, FL
reply to burner50
said by burner50:

last year was a historic drought for texas too.. guess what... all the lakes are full again and water restrictions are mostly gone.

This year it seems like the drought has moved a bit more West over into the Rocky Mountain area. A friend in Colorado was saying it's only June and they have less than 3" of snow pack left.