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Dallas, TX
reply to 88615298

Re: What good is 300 Mbps anyways?

said by 88615298:

There isn't anything that will let you use that speed and unless you have 50 devices connected to the internet at once I'm not seeing the benefit.

With Usenet newsgroups, you can get full speed for downloads and with one person make plenty of use for it. I can't myself justify 300Mbps down because the computer I want to use for usenet newsgroups is connected to my router wirelessly (via 802.11n 5 Ghz), but still isn't getting anywhere near 300 Mbps speed between the router and the computer.

But if I could in my set up and the price wasn't outrageous, I'd easily do it. Right now I'm probably deciding between 75 down tier and the 150 down tier once the new speeds are out, I'm on 25/25 now for a killer price of $45.99/month.

Price difference between 75 and 150 is negligible to me (BUT of course, the reps could give good discounts, and also bundle with phone as I already have TV through DirecTV), but I'm on BPON and don't really want to wait for them to upgrade me to GPON, which I heard in my area could take up to 2 months after an order is placed.