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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

I'm playing GW2 right now too. A couple of things I am enjoying:

1) the community-- people on my server are actually helpful. They are polite and say thanks when you help them with something, general chat (yell) is usually full of announcements of new spawns rather than filthy brat speak, and even when I have done PVP as an up leveled toon people tend to give me advice rather than give me shit about joining their BG as an up leaved toon.

2) ability to step away-- I've never had an MMO where I didn't mind frequently taking a break. When I step away I'm not jonesing to get back ASAP. Usually when that happens with a game I either quickly burn out on the game or never get the desire to relog.

3) no rush to level-- I can't put my finger on what they did to achieve this, but this is the first MMO I have played where I don't have this feeling that everything is an obstacle to overcome so I can level ASAP. Leveling is extremely slow, but I don't really give a shit. I run around doing little spawn events, or random quest-like tasks, or zone into PVP for a while and often don't even notice that I have leveled. I'm enjoying the lack of pressure and the ability to just "see the world".

I'm only level 13 (a female human ranger), so I am sure my opinion will change on some aspects of the game the longer I play it. But I haven't enjoyed playing another MMO this much since early WoW. (I tried Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings, Aion, SWTOR, Rift, and WoW.)

My toon is poor, wearing shitty gear, has no professions, and dies a lot both in PVE and PVP. Yet I am smiling every moment I play. What more can I ask for out of a game?!
( . . )


reply to pr1mo
getting involved with an mmo is like getting involved with a new TV show... that has like 100 episodes... its a big commitment

with TV shows now ill watch one episode and get turned off by little things, because it doesn't warrant me watching 100 hours worth of it

with fractals im more casual now the time commitment to that was taking the fun out of the game

Harwood Heights, IL
reply to I AM
Glad you're enjoying it. Me, on the other hand, will probably never be back in there. Finished with MMOs.



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reply to I AM
I have recently fallen in love with GW2 all over again. And pretty much been just playing GW2 exclusively.

I've haven't liked a game this much since, WoW and LoL... LoL didn't last as long as either WoW or GW2.

Now that I am a man of liesure (recently unemployed) I've had a lot more time to play GW2 and try out things I never did before in the game, and really gain a better understanding of what the game is... and on top of it I'm not constantly tired from work.

WvW is just awesome... epic huge battles, no more invisible players, love it, i get lost playing WvW for hours at a time now, its great a perpetually PvP struggle with no Queues once you are in... awesome

Having 2 classes I love to play is unheard of for me. In WoW I could never find 2 classes I loved to play equally. (because of buffs and nerfs and class changes, I never liked 2 classes at once) My guardian and my warrior are so awesome in GW2... I love them both!

The combat mechanics in GW2 are best of any MMORPG I have EVER played. I dabbled in WoW here and there recently, and now WoW is just boring and old when it comes to combat. and feels so blah!

To me GW2 is now OFFICIALLY the best MMORPG ever made, it's not perfect by any means, but it's the best.

World completion has been a ton of fun, sitting at 99% waiting on WvW nodes to open up, the adventure has been fun, and experiencing things i missed before is just awesome! beautiful views, awesoem graphics, and little hints at whats to come next...

After exploring the world more thoroughly I'm pumped about the future of this game... ITS OBVIOUS that desert zones are coming, and ITS OBVIOUS that other playable races are coming, like the hawk race or whatever... as soon as they come out I will level one immediately to be my mesmer. They are epically bad ass looking.

love this game, its the best MMORPG out right now period

the only requirement for this game is to approach it with an open mind, and you have to learn to unlearn some habits from other mmos


reply to I AM
WvW is a ton of fun, the most fun it's ever been

WvW is the way I spend most of my time in game now

got skins for my warrior and guardian... i wish there were more, and weapon skins as well

culling is when there are too many players on screen at once and your computer doesnt show them, because of the server... now you can see everyone, huge difference, epic battles


Waterfall, PA
reply to TheThing
Those battles look fun, not sure if my old cpu could keep up.
Not sure what you mean by "culling".


reply to I AM
Click for full size
Click for full size
some WvW screenshots

had a group of about 120+ with 3 siege golems, at least

cut thru lake... all of us... got cut off by a group of about 150 enemies

they wiped us... unreal huge underwater battle, a first for me


reply to I AM
WvW is pretty epic right now.

Culling is gone, you see like 120vs120 man battles, its pretty epic and amazing

additonally there are now WvW skins for wepsn/armor that are half way decent, and im sure there are more to come



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reply to I AM
at a crossroads with GW2:

- Great graphics
- Great combat
- Great/beautiful open world
- Free to play

- Near meaningless end-game gear progression, with GRIND. end game gear progression is more about time grind than anything else. Gear at end-game doesn't really do much for you.
- PvE and sPvP are disjoint worlds, this is the BIGGEST issue for me

GW2 Going forward:
- At a minimum I will complete daily (usually takes me 20min tops)
- Fractals if I'm bored

I may transition to TERA. While GW2 may have better graphics, better play control, a cooler more beautiful open world. Tera does not have disjoint PvE and PvP worlds.

And from my understanding Tera's end-game gear progression is more traditional and meaningful.

If I have badass PvP gear in Tera, in the open world I will be powerful... this is something that does not occur in GW2. and I miss this from my WoW days.

any thoughts?

... but then again... outlaw mechanics in Tera are fucking wacked... and pretty stupid since there are no factions


reply to I AM
and finally sPvP in GW2 might reward skil with gear...

but that sPvP gear is in a separate universe! WTF!

most of GW2 is in PvE not sPvP... so any epeen in sPvP is hidden for the most part!... and pretty pointless!


reply to I AM
as a result of that analysis

WoW PvP was the best game for me... until I got sick of it

I had great ePeen. why?

with my limited playtime in WoW, I could obtain 2200+ in Arena, have the best and most powerful gear, and coolest lookign PvP gear

some punk with 3000 hours played will have worse gear than my 500 hours played because I was more skilled

skill DOES NOT = epeen in GW2... sad


reply to monchis
monchis - I don't quite understand what you're saying

if people are solely rewarded based on time played, then the unemployed and college kids will dominate because they have tons of free time vs. us working folk... i simply can't compete against guys who has played 2200+ hours of GW2 since luanch vs. my 600

in GW2

skins = rewarded for time played, more time played more advantage with skins... I simply can't compete

ascended gear = capped time requirement, most people can compete since dailies, fractals, and guild missions require very little actual time

same thing with current Fused tokens..

Fused tokens = more time = more gold = more gems from gold = more chances at skins

if you have tons of time GW2 rewwards it with skins

if you have limited time you can still compete for best in slot power items at least


epeen in this game is measured with skins AND ascended gear... since you can't inspect anyone

as a result, i have less time, my epeen will suck in this game

Los Angeles, CA
reply to TheThing
said by TheThing:

GW2's level cap is trivial in completion and meaning

it's "basically" a game without a level cap

Well in my opinion, the fact that you've spent all this time/money in game for shit, is really un-motivating. But what if you were level like 120, maybe one asshole at lvl 80 gets a legendary, but you're level 120 so he can't beat you even with that.

See what I mean? You are being rewarded for your time. Versus having shitty luck.

Funkier than a mohair disco ball.
united state
reply to I AM
I have the same problems with MMOs too. I haven't played much since Christmas either. And I still love the game. I just have no desire to play it.

I think, personally, that playing anything for more than a couple of months now is going to get old to me. It was different when I was younger, but time is so limited now and I want to experience more than one game, so MMOs just don't fit for very long. Still thinking about signing up for the Elder Scrolls MMO beta though...old habits die hard I suppose.
The world was movin' she was right there with it and she was


reply to monchis
GW2's level cap is trivial in completion and meaning

it's "basically" a game without a level cap

Los Angeles, CA
reply to I AM
Do you guys think mmo's would be more fun if there wasn't any level caps?

Las Vegas, NV
reply to TheThing
said by pr1mo:

Getting pretty damn bored of this game.

Pretty sure I'm on the verge of quitting MMO's altogether. Ever since GW2 release I've felt something lacking in the way I would play. I no longer had an itch to stay logged in for hours upon hours.

I agree. I'm pretty sure it's just MMOs in general. I just don't give a fuck about them anymore and just overall don't want to play them. Everything is a damn grind and a half.

Short, fast, single player games are where it's at for me.

said by TheThing:

i spent about 5000 gems on black lion chests yesterday trying to get weapon skins...

got jack shit

talk about taking the wind out of my sails

still processing what type of commitment I will keep with this game

Same thing happened to me on the Christmas event. I spent a shit ton of gold buying all the crafting material trying to produce an endless tonic. Got jack shit.

After that, I pretty much haven't played much. I've never seen crappy RNG in a game on the level of what this game produces.


reply to I AM
I got 3 makeover kits last night... each cost 1400gems... but i dont fucking want them!

and i got every useless booster known to man now


reply to pr1mo
going to blow the rest of my gems tonight.

I'm holding you personally responsible if i get nothing!

Harwood Heights, IL
reply to I AM
No way sir! This is more like a "Hey Tom, sorry for the bad RNG since launch, here's a little thank you for being patient."



reply to pr1mo
going to spend the rest of my gems on:

- maxing out bank slots
- buy a bunch of fine transmutation stones
- the rest on keys for wep skins

for every asshole like you with good RNG, soem asshole like me gets fucked over with bad RNG

Harwood Heights, IL
reply to I AM
Funny, because RNG to me has been so awful in this game, however, last night I bought only 10 keys (900 gems), and on the 6th key I got a fused claim ticket, and on key #9 I got a striped tiger backpack.


reply to I AM
i spent about 5000 gems on black lion chests yesterday trying to get weapon skins...

got jack shit

talk about taking the wind out of my sails

still processing what type of commitment I will keep with this game

Los Angeles, CA
reply to I AM
Hopefully arch age will be better and we can build houses together --


reply to pr1mo
you are 100% right bud...

gear progression in this game is a fucking grind... and a time enforced grind at that.

no lucky getting quick gear like WoW

the summer is coming... enjoy the outdoors

my suggestion: spend 20 minutes a day get your daily in, get the laurel and log out!

Harwood Heights, IL
·Comcast Formerl..
reply to I AM
Getting pretty damn bored of this game. Log in - daily laurel - clear the same annoying/boring hearts for world exploration (90% right now) - same dungeons over and over. Weapon skins and armor skins are so ugly and boring (minus the legendaries, obviously). RNG is complete garbage in this game, worse than D3 and WoW. Fractals? Same mini-dungeons over, and over, and over, and over...for 40+ levels? Really? Any sense of achievement in this game, in my opinion, comes from some type of grind.

Pretty sure I'm on the verge of quitting MMO's altogether. Ever since GW2 release I've felt something lacking in the way I would play. I no longer had an itch to stay logged in for hours upon hours. I honestly have no urge to do anything in this game once I complete my daily laurel grind. I guess it's time to hang 'em up and mess around with some single player games (which I honestly have been missing out on).

Good thing here is, should I ever change how I feel, the game will be right there waiting for me.
GW2 - Cutler, PoE - Cutlerbeast

Trenton, NJ
reply to I AM
Release notes:

Build 3/26/13 March Content Update Release Notes


Flame and Frost: The Razing

A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. This “Molten Alliance” between dredge and Flame Legion has created an enemy powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One ranch, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.
In Flame and Frost: The Razing, the third installment in this four-part series, we meet Braham and Rox, two fervent Tyrians who believe in doing what’s right, even if it means putting themselves in danger. They’re defending the people and places they love, and they’ll need your help.

Open World

The Molten Alliance has begun spying on the people of Wayfarer Foothills, Diessa Plateau, the Snowden Drifts, the Plains of Ashford, and the Iron Marches. The Vigil have stationed collectors in these areas to reward adventurers who return logs of all data collected by the enemy.
Rumor has it that an Order of Whispers operative has been openly seeking assistance in the Black Citadel. As always, details are classified until disclosed.
The Molten Alliance has been arming units with what looks like a fused technology—the molten heat of the Flame Legion combined with the iron-forged brutality of the dredge. Adventurers are advised to stay wary when traversing near the Shiverpeak Mountains.
Those brave enough to survive against the Molten Alliance have reported seeing charr and dredge utilizing strange and new combinations of technology and magic.
More refugees located in all known camps have begun opening up about their experiences.
A Durmand Priory scholar named Aiti and her archival golem LOR-748 have moved into Lion’s Arch at the Durmand Dig Site to answer all queries regarding the Flame Legion and dredge.
The Consortium has begun construction of their refugee aid project in Southsun Cove.
The Molten Alliance’s loot tables have been updated to better reflect their shared resources.
One new area and one new point of interest have been added to Wayfarer Foothills. Another new point of interest has been added to Diessa Plateau. Players who have previously finished map completion and the Shiverpeak Explorer achievement will not need to discover these new locations in order to maintain map completion. Players who have not reached map completion in Wayfarer Foothills or Diessa Plateau, or who have not finished the Shiverpeak Explorer achievement, will need to discover these new locations.


Living Story instances telling the stories of both Braham the norn and Rox the charr have been added to the world. In-game mails and achievements have been implemented in order to aid guidance to the relevant locations. These instance locations are marked on the world map with a golden portal marker.
After completion, Living Story instances can be experienced again by speaking with the Replay NPCs stationed inside each completed instance location. In the case of Rox and Braham’s combat instances, repeatable rewards can be earned once a day per account.


The Secret Contact achievement has been added to the Living Story achievement category.
The achievements for Braham: Help from the Legions, Braham – Eirsson, Braham – Retake Cragstead, Rox: Critical Mission, Rox – The Hatchery, and Hero’s Aid have been added to the Living Story achievement category in order to track progress in Living Story instances.
All prior Living Story achievements can still be earned.



We’re pleased to announce that Guild Wars 2 leaderboards begin recording data on March 26th.
Initially, the leaderboards will feature WvW rankings, PvP player rankings, and total achievement points—something for all player types in GW2.
As of March 26th, your existing scores will silently be posted to the leaderboards while we watch for the top leaders to stabilize. These scores will take into account some of your past accomplishments/rating.
Once stable, we will display the leaderboards for players. We currently don’t have an exact date for leaderboard public release.

World vs. World

We are happy to announce the addition of World Ranks. When you participate in World vs. World events and defeat enemy players, you will earn World Experience (WXP). When you earn enough WXP, you’ll unlock World Ranks. Every World Rank earned will come with a World Ability Point, and some ranks can even give you a new World Title. World Ability points can be spent on unique World vs. World abilities. Click here for more information on World Ranks.
Server-side culling has been removed from World vs. World. For more on the culling removal, read the blog post here.
Added client options for various character representations (high-res, low-res, nameplate only).
Added more armor and weapon options to vendors inside World vs. World.

Guild Content

A new mission type, Guild Bounty Training, is available in Tier 3 of the Art of War line. Completing guild bounty training earns influence for your guild.
Three new Guild Bounty targets have been added.
Added new weapon skins to the Guild Commendation vendor and sorted the vendor’s available items into tabs.
Guild mission activations, completions, and failures are now logged in the Guild History tab.
The maximum number of Guild Merits that a single guild can store is 250. This is now displayed alongside the current count.
Guild creation is now limited to two guilds per week.
Fixed various small bugs on the existing Guild Bounty targets.


World Polish

Changed the way guaranteed rare drops are delivered for defeating world mega bosses. See the post about this here.
Blazeridge Steppes: Fixed a stalling bug in the Rupek and Porgar event chain.
Bloodtide Coast: The Bloody Buccaneer event chain should now restart properly.
Caledon Forest: Fixed a stalling bug affecting Talaith in the Soundless event chain.
Cursed Shore: Fixed a bug in the Meddler’s Summit Pact event chain that caused Pilot Ripsky to become unresponsive.
Cursed Shore: Fixed animation on Captain Rotbeard’s reward chest.
Cursed Shore: Fixed a bug in the event “Get Warmaster Chan to Shank Anchorage before the troops’ morale breaks.”
Cursed Shore: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Escort Tactician Almonia and her force to secure a new camp.”
Cursed Shore: Helping Tactician Footi set up her cannon will now properly award event participation.
Cursed Shore: The Champion Risen Gladiator will now appropriately swap his objective back to his health bar when revived.
Cursed Shore: Risen Rotmouth will no longer be under the ground when rescuing Tactician Megill.
Fields of Ruin: Fixed a bug that prevented some Separatists from counting for the event “Assist the charr delegation.”
Fields of Ruin: Fixed an animation bug which caused skills on the Ogre Maul weapons to not animate for characters of some races.
Gendarran Fields: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Keep Bamm safe while he gathers components for his engineering.”
Gendarran Fields: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Defend the merchant caravan.”
Gendarran Fields: Fixed a bug that caused centaurs in the Bloodfields to spawn and immediately die.
Iron Marches: Fixed a bug that prevented displaced spirits from rejoining their bodies.
Iron Marches: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Defeat Victurus and his Branded army” that occurred if players tried to pull away the Branded army without killing them.
Iron Marches: Sentinel Whiptail will now revive the seige devourer in the event “Defend the siege devourer while it assists the troops.”
Malchor’s Leap: Fixed a blocking bug in the event “Escort Pact troops and equipment to Wren.”
Malchor’s Leap: Fixed a duplicate tent near the Waste Hollows waypoint.
Malchor’s Leap: Adjusted creature levels in and under Lyssa’s temple to better match the region’s level.
Mount Maelstrom: The Infinity Coil Commander should no longer spam his taunt over a large distance.
Mount Maelstrom: Players will no longer become trapped in Krewe Apprentice Blork’s golem suit.
Queensdale: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Protect the brew shipment” that could prevent the Shadow Behemoth events from running.
Sandycove Beach: Fixed a stalling bug in the event “Escort the iron shipment to Cowlfang’s Star.”
Snowden Drifts: Ice Raking can no longer die before the Claw tournament.
Straits of Devastation: Fixed a stalling bug in the Zho’qafa event chain.
Shelter’s Gate: The chopper should no longer attack players.
Wayfarer Foothills: Fixed a stalling bug that prevented Rani from building his snowman army at the end of the event.
Wayfarer Foothills: Reduced the frequency of grawl attacks on Tor’s supply tent in the Frozen Maw event chain.
Tactician Megill has been moved out of the briar patch.
Juvenile Pink Moas found in Brisban Wildlands can now be tamed appropriately.
Fixed a stalling bug that prevented some players from completing the Keg Brawl Kegmaster achievement.
Cursed Shore: Changed the objective for the giant fight at the beginning of the Promenade assault.
Angvar’s Trove Waypoint has been added to the Snowden Drifts.
Iron Marches: Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to plant emblems or evidence in Sonjaw Redclaw’s event chain.
Risen Putrifiers will no longer immobilize themselves when attempting to snare players with their anchor.
Champion Risen Drake Broodmothers should now have appropriate stats and nameplate borders.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from interacting with the pipe organs in Caledon Forest and the Fields of Ruin.
Quaggans will now breathe at a normal rate, and child quaggans will sound appropriate for their age.
The volume on the Greatsaw and the Chain Sword weapons has been increased.
Contested Lyssa statues in Orr will appropriately stun and daze enemies and should no longer apply a nonfunctional “mesmerized” condition.
Enemies in Garden of Ilya have had their levels adjusted.
Orichalcum Ore locations in Southsun Cove have been moved to locations reachable by players.
The Fire Rocket skill on Charrzooka weapons obtained from karma vendors and events has been updated to inflict burning.


The point amounts obtainable from existing repeatable achievements have been capped as follows: Hobby Dungeon Explorer—200 points; Agent of Entropy—250 points. This change was made to support competitive PvE leaderboards and to lay the groundwork for a reward structure for total achievement points that is coming in a future update.
Fixed a bug where Map Completion tooltips on the world map would sometimes display the wrong map.
Global: Increased scaling on several events to support up to 50 players.
Automatic camera rotation while defeated will no longer restart after the camera is moved.
Lip-flap has been enabled for all voiced lines on Players and NPCs in world.
The Special Event UI can now be clicked to open up the relevant Achievement Panel.
Added missing families to the Daily Kill Variety achievement.
Fixed a bug where a player could be removed from an instance they were exploring without a party.
Fixed a bug which allowed players to commune with places of power while downed.
Fixed an issue with water movement sounds playing either too many sounds or none at all at the surface for playable races.
Players who are alone in an instance will no longer be kicked from it when they are invited to and uninvited from a party.
Character selection will now show PvE armor, PvP armor, or town clothes as appropriate, depending on what was worn last.
Fixed a bug where equipment would get destroyed when unequipped while encumbered.



Changed the Imbued Shaman’s Enraged buff icon on the Volcanic Fractal.
Parties will no longer be killed if they return to the Hub from the Volcanic Fractal.
Players should no longer be downed if they have a reflecting crystal when the Jade Maw dies.
Fixed an issue where players could be repeatedly killed if they failed to save the captives during the first part of the grawl boss event.

Personal Story

“Bad Blood”: Reduced difficulty of spike traps; other minor polish changes made.
“Containment”: Fixed a stalling bug that occurred if players talked to Sieran immediately after the cinematic.
“Hazardous Environment”: Fixed a stalling bug that occurred if players rushed ahead of Krasso.
“Intercepting the Orb”: The head slaver no longer has the ability to summon.
“Retribution”: Reduced some enemy levels to make them consistent with the story step’s level.
“Ships of the Line”: Fixed a stalling bug on the event “Regroup with the team and assess the situation.”
“The Steel Tide”: Improved the tank so it won’t kick players off repeatedly.
“The Tribune’s Call”: Fixed a possible stall caused by skipping the cinematic.
“The Battle of Fort Trinity”: Upon completion of this story, players can now use the asura gates in any of the order headquarters.
“Fixing the Blame”: Players can now speak to Warmaster Gurnn regardless of which events are running.
“The Battle of Fort Trinity”: Fixed bug that caused some undead at the end to display as nonhostile.
“Tower Down”: It’s no longer necessary to make sure the pack marmox approaches each tower before Tonn can blow it up.
“A Grisly Shipment”: Fixed a potential blocking bug that occurred after placing the ghostfire charges.
“Twilight of the Wolf”: Reduced Ormi’s level to match the story step’s level.


Added a 20-second recharge to the Stunning Strike skill on the Broken Prison Bar.
Fixed a bug that caused several pieces of gear to not apply their bonus boon or condition durations.
Weapons sold by vendors are no longer salvageable.
Transformation tonics cannot be used when already transformed, and leaving transformations has a 3-second cooldown.
Removed nonfunctioning sigils from several jewelry and accessory items sold by karma vendors in the Iron Marches.
Removed the streaks from the stowed state of Mystic Forge weapons, while ensuring the glow and strobe remained. Streaks should only be visible while swinging the weapon.
Updated icons for the Duelist armor set.
Updated the miniature siege golems to be account-bound instead of soulbound.
Updated Mystic Guardian Weapons with a material with a low depth fade and a slight strobe so they remain visible while stowed.
Reduced the range and damage of the Sentinel Rifle obtained in Blazeridge Steppes.
Fixed the size and location of the chains of Foefire’s Essence so it is properly hanging from the hilt.
Rune of Speed: Updated the 6-piece effect to display its actual constant effect: +5% to movement speed.
The totem offerings that can be purchased at the shrines in Wayfarer Foothills now give the same benefits as other food consumables.
The “Weapon – Axe” PvP collections tab has been updated to no longer be out of order with the “Cultural Armor – Heavy” PvP collections tab.
The PvP Commando’s Helm item has been updated to use the correct model.
The PvP Gargoyle Scythe has been updated to now have staff weapon skills.
Fixed a bug that prevented players with high amounts of Hall of Monuments points from seeing the PvP Fiery Dragon Sword skin on the Hall of Monuments vendor.
Etched Wartorches and Orrian Torches no longer use trident icons.
New ascended rings from the February build now have Mystic Forge infusion recipes available.
Disabled the use of some consumable items in dungeons.
Fixed a bug with the one-time purchases on the laurels vendor that prevented some players from being able to buy these items.
Transmuting a legendary item before equipping it will no longer prevent players from getting the achievement.
Fixed a bug that caused several Half-Eaten weapons to give an inappropriate amount of bonus attributes for their level.
Fixed a bug that prevented some weapon sigils from functioning underwater.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Skale Venom consumable from working with projectile attacks.
Changed the Commander’s Compendium to not be consumed if used by a character who is already a commander.
Updated Ash Legion and Order of Whispers spy kits to work while underwater.

Profession Skills


Endurance can no longer be negative.
Conditions can no longer be transferred to creatures immune to them.
Stealth: The duration of Revealed has been increased to 4 seconds when coming out of stealth via an attack.
Added evasion duration skill facts to skills.
Pets now benefit from their owner’s agony resistance.
Reduced quickness from 100% attack speed to 50%.
As we push to improve balance in both PvE and PvP, a few mechanics in the game will be receiving updates to promote fun and balanced play. In the past, quickness has granted double the action speed normally available to players. In PvP, this speed gives most players almost no chance to react to incoming abilities and allows for massive spike damage in extremely short periods of time. In PvE, the increased attack speed can trivialize a lot of content that would otherwise provide a good challenge. Therefore, we are reducing the speed that quickness allows by half of its current potential while slightly increasing the duration on player-activated skills.


Arc Lightning skill: Now strikes enemies that it passes through.
Conjured weapons:
Now stop autoattacks and cannot be autocast.
Now properly appear in the player’s hands upon casting.
Signet of Air skill: Updated the passive buff’s description to appropriately indicate the movement speed granted.
Elementalists can no longer use the Mist Form skill to instantly rally if they go down exactly at the end of the Tornado skill.
Changing attunements no longer causes players to start autoattacking.
The Sunspot, Electric Discharge, and Earthen Blast traits no longer trigger when changing attunements while out of combat.
Evasive Arcana trait: Plays an effect if the elementalist dodges while in water attunement.


Packaged Stimulants trait:
No longer increases the recharge time on the Drop Bandages skill.
No longer reduces the recharge time on the Drop Stimulant skill.
No longer applies incorrect fury and swiftness durations to the Drop Stimulant skill.
No longer prevents acquisition of the Drop Stimulant pick-up while the player is under the effect of swiftness or fury.
Rifled Barrels trait:
No longer applies incorrect bleed and weakness durations to the Tranquilizer Dart skill.
No longer reduces the recharge time on the Elixir F skill.
Forceful Explosives trait: No longer reduces the radius on bombs dropped by the Evasive Powder Keg trait.
Fireforged Trigger trait:
Correctly lowers the recharge on Elixir F and Super Elixir if the Rifled Barrels trait is also equipped.
Correctly lowers the recharge on Acid Bomb.
Grenadier trait: No longer removes the recharge when the player stows the Grenade Kit.
Super Elixir skill: Displays the correct tooltip information when the Rifled Barrels trait is equipped.
Toss Elixir H skill: Displays the correct boon duration on the tooltip while the player is underwater.
Throw Mine skill: Correctly turns off the Detonate skill if the mine times out.
Automated Response trait: Grants immunity to conditions when the inflictor has over 100% duration.
Elixir U:
Removed Quickening Zephyr from the base elixir.
Removed Veil from the toss mechanic.
Now casts instantly and breaks stuns.
Stabilized Armor trait: Reduces incoming damage by 5% while endurance is full.
Super Elixir skill:
Increased both impact base healing and scaling with healing power by 100%.
Increased base heal multiplier by 50% and healing power scaling by 100%.
Tool Kit skill: Increased potency of skills that heal turrets by 100%.
Acidic Coating trait: Now has its intended 10-second cooldown.
All utility turrets now detonate after 5 minutes.
Thumper Turret skill:
Damage from base attacks increased by 66%.
Base attacks now cripple for 3 seconds.
Self-destructs after 5 minutes.
Shockwave skill:
Increased damage by 66%.
Cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 45 seconds.
Rifle Turret skill: Increased damage from this turret’s base and overcharged attacks by 50%.
Surprise Shot skill: Increased damage by 50%.
Rocket Turret skill: Reduced recharge from 60 seconds to 50 seconds.
Net Turret skill: Increased turret’s health by 25%.
Net Attack skill: Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
Flame Turret skill:
Reduced recharge from 40 seconds to 25 seconds.
Increased main attack’s arc from 30 degrees to 60 degrees.
Throw Napalm skill: Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
Flame Blast skill:
No longer double-detonates when the projectile expires naturally.
Turns off Detonate after the flame blast ball is gone.
Grenade Kit skill: Grenades no longer require the player to have line of sight of the target area to throw them.
Kit Refinement trait: Reworked kit skills to balance their effectiveness. All kit skills are now on a static global recharge (20 seconds). The changes are as follows:
Med Kit: Equipping this kit applies Magnetic Aura.
Bomb Kit: Equipping this kit creates a Magnetic Bomb that pulls enemies toward the center after a brief delay.
Elixir Gun: Equipping this kit activates a Glue Trail that follows the player for a short time. Enemies that step in the glue are briefly immobilized.
Tool Kit: Equipping this kit grants the user Super Speed for a brief duration.
Flamethrower: Equipping this kit grants the player Flame Aura for a time.
Grenade Kit: Equipping this kit drops a mine at the player’s location that deals damage and removes a boon.
Skills that activate this trait can now activate in midair.
Blowtorch skill: No longer displays “miss” on attacks that connect at medium and far distances.


Wrath skill: Now strikes enemies that it passes through.
Symbol of Protection skill: Now correctly hits five maximum targets and applies boons to five allies.
Symbol of Faith skill: Now correctly hits five maximum targets.
Virtue of Courage skill: Aegis correctly reapplies when stripped.


Spatial Surge skill: Now strikes up to two enemies that it passes through, in addition to the primary target.
Confusing Images skill: Now strikes enemies that it passes through.
Magic Bullet skill:
The traited version is now a projectile combo finisher to match the base skill’s functionality.
No longer hits targets beyond maximum range.
Blade Training trait: Properly reduces the recharge of Illusionary Leap.
Illusionary Duelist skill: Reduced the range to 900, matching its current listing.
Arcane Thievery skill: Now has the correct range when the Far-Reaching Manipulations trait is equipped.
Confounding Suggestions trait: Reduced the frequency of stunning targets when Diversion is used from 100% of the time to 50%.
Dazzling trait: Now functions with Chaos Storm and Illusionary Riposte’s secondary attack.


Bone Fiend: This creature now properly fires two projectiles while underwater.
Dark Path skill: Now unblockable.
Epidemic skill: Now requires line of sight of the main target to spread conditions to nearby enemies.
Spiteful Talisman trait: Properly grants bonus damage to Spinal Shivers for each boon removed.
Staffs now correctly play the visual effects of necromancer staff skills at the tip of the staff rather than at the player’s hands.
Life Siphon skill: Updated skill facts.
Death Shroud skill: No longer uses a custom skill bar interface, thereby allowing players using Death Shroud to see buffs, health, and endurance. The screen and sound effects are unchanged.
Necromancer trait: Now allows life-stealing on walls in World vs. World.


Black Widow Spider pet: Now has the correct amount of vitality.
White Raven pet: Now has the correct amount of vitality.
Drake pet Chomp attack: This skill no longer heals enemy targets.
Maul skill:
Increased bleeding duration from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
Increased base damage by 26%.
Counterattack skill: Reduced recharge from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
Hilt Bash skill: Reduced recharge from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
Ranger pet cooldowns are now properly preserved when stabled.
Feline pets: Maul now applies consistent critical hits.
Quickening Zephyr skill: Now breaks stun. Increased duration from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.
Pet-revive skills no longer fail to heal their target.


Corrosive Traps trait:
Applies the correct vulnerability duration with Shadow Trap.
Now applies vulnerability with Ambush Trap.
Healing Seed skill:
Increased radius slightly.
Now displays the combo field ring.
Reduced duration from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
Now indicates its radius.
Steal skill: No longer initiates autoattacks.
Uncatchable trait:
Now displays an active combat area to both allies and enemies.
Increased effective radius by 50%.
Basilisk Venom skill: No longer immobilizes targets in addition to stunning them.
Haste skill: Increased duration from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.


Kick skill: Now lunges toward the target slightly, extending the range.
Rampage skill:
The Kick skill now lunges towards the target slightly, extending the range.
Players can now use the Throw Boulder skill while moving.
Banner of Defense skill: Increased toughness and vitality granted to allies from 90 at level 80 to 170.
Banner of Discipline skill: Increased precision granted to allies from 90 at level 80 to 170.
Banner of Strength skill: Increased power and condition damage granted to allies from 90 at level 80 to 170.
Banner of Tactics skill: Increased healing granted to allies from 90 at level 80 to 170.
Bladetrail skill: Can no longer be fired at enemies behind the player.
Frenzy skill: The duration of quickness and its debuffs are now 5 seconds and 6.25 seconds when the player is affected by the Sure-Footed trait.

Racial Skills

Charr: The Charrzooka elite skill no longer consumes ammunition when the player uses healing and utility skills.
Norn: Players in raven form are no longer prevented from using skills after using Wind Blast.

Structured Player vs. Player

Disconnecting from the game removes you from your roster before a match has started.
Rosters that lose their submit status opens the roster UI.
Scoreboard refreshes when players join, leave, or change teams.
Disconnecting gives kill credit to opponents.
Daily and monthly laurels can be obtained through either PvP or PvE achievements. You cannot earn additional laurels from doing both, players can simply chose to do one or the other. They will still receive all other normal daily/monthly rewards should they chose to do both PvE and PvP achievements.
Party members now show on the map while in the Heart of the Mists.
Spirit Watch:
Personal points awarded from scoring the orb have been increased from 10 to 15.
Updated the voiced line that plays whenever the orb resets.
Commune no longer interrupts itself if you interacted multiple times in a row.
Temple of the Silent Storm:
Updated the voiced lines that play whenever a meditation appears.
Commune no longer interrupts itself if you interacted multiple times in a row.
Raid on the Capricorn:
Updated the scoreboard to include a statistic for cannon hits.
Fixed the cannon to reduce camera issues that could occur while a player is operating it.
Heart of the Mists: Disabled the Wall of Champions.

World vs. World

Updated World vs. World UI screen to include a new ranking system and score breakdowns by map.
Updated Outmanned bonus to increase World XP, receive no armor damage on death, and increase experience.
Fixed areas where terrain could be exploited to gain access to World vs. World objectives by unintended means.
Aldon’s Ledge siege upgrade now successfully completes.
Ballista bonus damage to siege no longer has the chance to apply to players.
Armor and weapon vendors
Updated their positions slightly.
Updated the items and their costs for some merchants.
Sigil of Leeching no longer affects gates.
Catapult damage no longer affects rams through gates.


New Items and Promotions

Until April 1, 2013, it is free to transfer to all Medium population worlds! Players are still restricted to one world transfer per week, so choose wisely.
Added the Name Change Contract to the Gem Store. Each Name Change Contract can change one character’s name once. Place the Name Change Contract in the inventory of the character whose name you want to change and then double-click to activate it. Name Change Contracts are available in the Service category of the Gem Store for 800 gems each.
Added the Communal Boost Bonfire to the Gem Store. Place the Communal Boost Bonfire in the world and choose a boost to experience, karma, or magic find. Once the fire is fully stoked, anyone can interact with the bonfire to receive the chosen boost. You can increase the speed at which the fire is stoked by throwing more firewood onto it. Firewood spawns automatically when the boost type is selected. The Communal Boost Bonfire is available in the Boost category of the Gem Store for 300 gems each or 5 for 1200 gems.
Added Fused weapon skins to the Black Lion Chest. Each Black Lion Chest has a rare chance to give a Fused weapon claim ticket. Take this ticket to Evon Gnashblade in Lion’s Arch or to the Vigil Weapons Specialist at the refugee camps in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. Trade the ticket for one of 16 new weapon skins inspired by the fiery alliance between the dredge and Flame Legion. All Fused weapon skins are account-bound. You can preview the weapons at the Vigil Weapon Specialists even if you do not have a ticket. Open a Black Lion Chest with a Black Lion Key, available in the Consumable category of the Gem Store for 125 gems each or 5 for 450 gems.
Fused Axe
Fused Dagger
Fused Focus
Fused Greatsword
Fused Hammer
Fused Longbow
Fused Mace
Fused Pistol
Fused Rifle
Fused Scepter
Fused Shield
Fused Short Bow
Fused Staff
Fused Sword
Fused Torch
Fused Warhorn


Replaced the Hot and Featured item sections on the front page of the Gem Store with a single item carousel that shows all featured items. To scroll the carousel right or left, click the arrows on either side. To select a specific page, click its gray dot at the bottom of the carousel.
The banner carousel on the front page of the Gem Store now has page indicators at the bottom of the banners. To select a specific banner, click its gray dot at the bottom.
Selecting an item from the featured item carousel or the banner carousel will take you to that item’s category, automatically scroll down to that item, and highlight it.
In item preview, a red exclamation point now appears on an item that your character cannot equip.
Costume Brawl now stays on players up to 5 minutes when they exit a transformation to allow them to switch transformations while brawling.
Renamed the following items for clarity:
“Black Lion Key” is now “Black Lion Chest Key”
“Evon Gnashblade’s Box of Fun” is now “Box of Fun”
“Black Lion Merchant Express” is now “Merchant Express”
“Personal Black Lion Merchant Express” is now “Personal Merchant Express”
“Black Lion Trader Express” is now “Trading Post Express”
“Personal Black Lion Trader Express” is now “Personal Trader Express”
“Fine Transmutation Stone” is now “Transmutation Crystal”
“Basic Transmutation Stone” is now “Transmutation Stone”
“Permanent Trading Post Pick Up Contract” is now “Permanent Trading Post Express Contract”
“Plush Charr Backpack Cover” container is now “Plush Charr Backpack Set”
“Tiger Charr Backpack Cover” container is now “Tiger Charr Backpack Set”
“Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover” container is now “Plush Quaggan Backpack Set”
“Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover” container is now “Pink Quaggan Backpack Set”

Bug Fixes

Fixed some display and clipping issues with shields and back items in item preview.
Traits are no longer active during Costume Brawl.
While players are in Costume Brawl, the right-side skills are now replaced by a time-out brawl skill so players can always exit Costume Brawl.
The autocomplete drop-down no longer gets stuck on the Trading Post search bar.


The Guild Wars 2 User Agreement has been updated. As of March 26, 2013, each player is required to accept the amended agreement upon logging in to the game.

The amended content is as follows:

Changed “NCsoft” to “NCSOFT” throughout.
Added content to indicate whether the specific agreement applies to an EU or Non-EU player.
Added link to the second regional User Agreement.
Added definition of Guild Wars 2 Account Display Names in Section 1c.
Added references to Guild Wars 2 Account Display Names where relevant.
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How did I forget, today is a big patch day for GW2!

If anyone is not behind websense, can you please copypasta the patch notes? thank you!


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in the end no game is perfect

WoW does some things better than GW2
GW2 does some things better than WoW

GW2's open world is more alive than WoW's, and GW2 is free to play and has better graphics

WoW's end-game gear progression is more addictive however


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Just wanted to say that i have been having a blast this time around with Guild Wars. Im a level 44 ranger atm, the more i play the more i like it.
I played for a couple weeks at launch then went back to wow to play with old guildies.