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Houston, TX
reply to Melissa2009B

Re: Comcast Business service is much better

said by Melissa2009B:

Since this was setup, we've had problems every time we turn the two PC Win 7 computers on each day. It's like they have to be messed with for 10-15 minutes a day to get them working with the Comcast gateway. They each have different wireless usb adapters in them, and even though I set up the Windows networking stuff to connect automatically, they don't, every day. I called Comcast support just now and they said that because the two Roku boxes are working it's "not their problem".

So I have to figure this out on my own now. I'm sort of an intermediate person, with my PC networking setup experience. But when I open the network and sharing center, I keep getting signs that the adapters arent even seeing the Comcast network, then I have to mess with the drivers software some and put in the big long numerical keys all over again, and the adapters finally see the networks out there ( ours and others ).

Then I have to mess with the network and sharing center stuff to get it to automatically connect again, while something in there keeps removing our network in the setup and I have to keep putting it back and putting in the fricking numbers until it finally works, only to be repeated the next time we turn the PC's on.

Update: Her PC quit connecting again while it was running. I went in there and it had changed the security string to lower cased letters again, which was why it wouldn't work when the PC started today too. I changed them to upper case, and it keeps changing them back. WTF?!

This is just a guess and may not make any difference.

It sounds like your network changes are getting changed when the computer boots up and even while it is running. The first thing is make sure your network changes are being saved after you make the changes. The second thing is disable the automatic network connecting and see if that makes any difference. Maybe, that is doing something to screw up the network changes. Keep track of what you change, so if it doesn't work you can at least get back to where it works.

Good luck!
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Denver, CO
I don't know any better way to save these things, than to click ok and close the window.

There is no specific "Save" button.


Media, PA

It sounds like the PCs are remembering the old DSL wireless connection and reverting back to it.

I think what you need to do is go into "manage wireless networks" and make sure your old DSL network (or any others) is/are deleted. Then add the new one and hopefully it will remember it.

Also when you add the new one I think there is a checkbox to tell win7 to remember the credentials.

If that doesn't work you may have to take out the USB Wi-fi adapter, delete the drivers and reinstall.


Denver, CO
No, the old network is totally gone, I made sure of that. I pulled the plug on the DSL router so it doesn't show up, and deleted it totally from both profiles.