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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to omarak229

Re: [Cable] TekSavvy Won't Register My SB6121

said by omarak229 :

The next afternoon my internet seemed to be working fine for a little bit before the problem came back. I called back and spoke to TSI Kyle, he told me to reset the modem to factory and restart the modem from the modem config, he also asked about the firmware and told me to update it, but there wasn't any real viable way to do it. He found a place to download the update, but I didn't know what to do with it, since it wasn't any ordinary installation thing. He warned me that they're not responsible for any bricking etc etc.. The other option that he told me was to take the modem to someone's house who has Rogers and see if the update will push from there, but that would be a giant maybe.

Cable modem firmware is not end user upgradable. You need special equipment. I have that special equipment, and I perform the upgrades for $10 (more as a favour to dslreports users than as a profit centre).

Nonetheless, it would be great if you could post the link where the firmware was found. I'd like to know what people are being told.

said by omarak229 :

I called and they told me again to update the firmware.

It is really outrageous that Teksavvy is giving this instruction, see above.

said by omarak229 :

What I'm really wondering is that how could it be a firmware issue if it's been working since I got it in December?

It isn't a firmware issue. The problem is, Rogers may blame the firmware because that way they can get out of fixing it properly, and it makes Teksavvy look bad.

However, you aren't giving us nearly the information we need to diagnose your problem. Two pieces of information of enormous importance are missing from your comment...

1) Your reporting on speed is useless without also referencing time of day. If you get good speeds when you wake up in the morning, but bad speeds in the evenings, you are almost certainly suffering from some form of congestion.

2) You have to post your signal levels. Downstream power, downstream SNR, and upstream power for all channels you are connecting to.

said by omarak229 :

Or is this an entirely different problem and I should make a separate thread for it?

Heh.. Maybe. However, if they are telling you firmware is an issue, that's pretty much related

Other entirely different problems that probably need their own thread... I swore up and down that I wouldn't bother putting this much effort into helping 'stranger' customers any more, but here I am.....