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Bristol, CT
reply to neufuse

Re: [CDV] Switch to Arris emta from RCA?

said by neufuse:

is there anyway to get them to change out this RCA Thompson emta with a newer Arris eMTA? I know self install kits here you get the Arris emta but if a contractor does the install they give you the D2 DHG536 eMTA (why are they even giving out D2 equipment anymore might as well give out all D3) I am not subscribed at a "D3" tier but my SB6120 still works better with channel bonding then the D2 emta does when I had it activated

Absolutely. Comcast sent me both the D2 RCA DHG536 eMTA plus a Cisco D3 DPC3008 modem. I did not want to split the two as my signal is touchy to begin with, so I swapped the RCA & Cisco back for a Arris TM722G. They kindly waived the $10 shipping fee, however, it did cost $10 for them to provision the TM722G.

As the previous poster mentioned, do not let them send you a wireless gateway...those things are a mess!
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