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Re: [Poll] First to MoP

Great question and I’m honestly not sure right now. I have at least one of each class at 85, but I really feel no desire to take them end game so quickly.

If I had to pick one, and I did for your poll, I went with Demo Lock. Easiest toon to level in my experience, kicks ass in generally every scenario you can put them into in game and the survival abilities are great. Well maybe not as great as the SL/SL days, but still pretty OP in my opinion in levelling & lower instance / bg scenarios. A hunter (any spec) would be my choice for number 2, again based on the above. Plus, they are just fun to play.

However, in keeping with the Pandarian expansion, this next expansion for me will be about exploration as well. I’ll be diving head first into the waters of the Spirtwalkers, and I don’t plan on emerging for at least a year. My personal digital Kilimanjaro will be hopefully one of the first on my server taking this class and spec t to high end, end game content.