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San Jose, CA
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reply to tkdslr

Re: Wow.. Now I'm glad I didn't get Uverse Internet after all..

said by tkdslr:

Each time I checked no deal, (same old crappy CO serviced), PPPoE aDSL re-branded as Uverse service.

AFAIK, U-verse Internet is IP-DSLAM, not PPPoE. Furthermore, my new ADSL2+ service from, LLC is not PPPoE either (though it is not IP-DSLAM).
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Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
Not really.. You're just not up to date with At&t's new marketing speak..
AT7T has re-branded their old aDSL as a form of Uverse service.

They only way to tell, is to try and sign up and see what speeds they offer after plugging in your address. A typical 3.3kft loop would be able support downward bit rates of 5-8Mbit/sec(aDSL), 10-17Mb(aDSL2+), 15-23Mb/sec(vDSL), ??Mb/sec(vDSL2+)..

But all At&t Uverse would offer was 1.5Mb/sec down.. Indicating no connection to the Vram, instead it would be a 12-15kt ft line would home run back to CO. (Which is basically equals no service..)

Raleigh, NC
Actually, they are still labeled different. It's not always obvious unless they are side by side on the same page... "AT&T DSL" (ADSL/ATM) vs. "Uverse DSL [HSI]" (ADSL2+/PTM) vs "Uverse Internet" (VDSL)

In areas where Uverse (either kind) is installed, they will not offer legacy DSL. If you are ever disconnected from legacy DSL, you will *never* be reattached to it. (even if you are out of range for any uverse. this is the often seen "no available ports" excuse.)


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

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Well I haven't used At&t's aDSL service for over 6 years now. (I used Covad/Speakeasy bridged aDSL circuit during most of that time)

I'm 3.3kft from a 6ft high environmental cabinet housing the VRAM servicing my subdivision.

The max speed they're offering me is 1.5Mb/sec down.. which was the max speed for the OLD CO serviced aDSL service.

Thus, it's not a matter of what you think(they call it), they just won't connect it no matter what. At&t will try to trick to customer into thinking they got Uverse, when all they got was the old aDSL.