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Orange, CA
reply to chgo_man99

Re: street-wide VRADs and RTs should be banned everywhere

said by chgo_man99:

There is a reason san jose has grown a lot faster with IT jobs to bevome sillicon vallley than san francisco in the last few decades.

Yep. cheaper real estate and cheaper cost of doing business. Those were the primary factors. Silicon Valley was well established before the internet was even launched to the public in the early 90ies. It gained the name "silicon" valley because of the chip makers that settled there in the 70ies.

Stanford also had some influence, some of the first big manufacturers, such as Intel, were practically founded by Stanford graduates. The CEO that made Intel explode into what it is today, bringing us the x86 chip all the way to the first Pentiums before he retired, was a Standford graduate.

It just made sense to start doing business right where they already were. San Franscisco was already much water-locked on three sides back then, and land was already expensive. San Jose was still much of an open valley with a freeway in the middle that just begged for companies to start opening up besides it.

Before people were even starting to think about the internet, silicon valley was already there, and very well established.
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