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Fernley, NV

Slow U-Verse

AT&T is rolling out a very crippled U-Verse internet only solution here in my city. It's the 3mbps tier, and it seems to me that offering an inferior service with the company's premium service name would be seen by the Marketing Weenies as devaluing the brand (but what do I know). I currently have AT&Ts 6mbps DLS. For what it is, it's just fine. But it amazes me that AT&T has been telling people here that the U-Verse is the way to go and actually switching customers from the service I have onto the slower service. A friend of mine was talked into that very switch. She believed the AT&T person despite what I told her. She ended up canceling all of her AT&T service and switching to cable internet. If AT&T tries anything like forcing me to U-Verse, I will go to cable as well. I'd have gone to cable long ago, but I really had a bad time last time I had to deal with Charter...