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New customer fees

I'm not trying to defend AT&T, but to me it looks like
She ignored the forced upgrade notice, didn't read that her service would be disconnected and then at that date it was disconnected.
She called back and mentioned she was disconnected and wanted to sign up for u-verse to get her internet back.
Since she wasn't at that time a customer, all of the normal setup fees applied.

Can AT&T still be at fault absolutely, to cut off a paying customer's service just because they don't respond to a letter about an upgrade and they should have caught that she was disconnected because she didn't upgrade and waived the installation charges.

But what it doesn't sound like is that these free upgrades aren't really free if the customer responds to the letter and makes an appointment to upgrade there service, though their monthly plan will go up after the promo rate expires.


Arcadia, FL
its att they will screw you any way they can

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to MovieLover76
Yes, it's AT&T's fault because they cut her off just to force an upgrade (which they did) that they then socked her for every single fee possible instead of waiving them as they should.

Really, it's just plain fraud.
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