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DirecTV is the worst!

Just be warned. DO NOT get DirecTV. They are a bunch of liars. At first, I was promised 2 HD boxes, which they did not give me. So when I called in to ask for my HD boxes, they said it was a mix up. Then the next month, they started charging me $10 for HD service that I did not have. Made that account bounce because those funds were set aside for paying bills. I was charged a $30 fee for overdraft and DTV would not pay it, even though it was their fault. Fast forward a few months, they reset my contract because I added some equipment. I was 18 days away from being done with my 2 year contract. Though I wanted to stay with them, this is VERY sneaky. Now am on the hook for 2 more years!
I decided enough is enough, and called UVerse. they offered to pay the early termination fee for me. They did not even demand that I sign a contract with them. This is what I call confidence in your brand!! I decided Ok. I will take that offer. So I called DTV and told them that I wanted to cancel. To my big surprise, they said that i had skipped a payment and that I owed $93 (an extra month)+ early termination fees. I asked how I could fight it but they said that this was something that I owed and had to pay up. They let me know that this amount and the termination fee would be debited from the card that I had on file, regardless. They act like a bunch of crooks/ thugs. I was so pissed that I payed the whole early termination fee+ $93 and I am free of direcTV I hope. They better not send any pamphlets, ads at my house because if DTV was the only cable provider left out there, I would rather do without than pay them a penny. I now moved to Uverse. Installation was quick and professional, I have 12MBps Internet + 360 channels and 3 HD boxes with whole house DVR, all for $104. I thought to myself they must be kidding! And no they are not. My first bill came up and it was $104 for cable TV and very high speed Internet (No contract- I could cancel tomorrow if I wanted to but why should I? service is excellent). Oh and by the way, when i asked direcTV for HD service, they said that I would have to buy HD boxes at $200 a pop AND pay for installation. Need I repeat that HD service is included in my UVerse installation?!
I am not here to glorify UVerse because I know that corporations are all the same. They always try to rape the little guy off of his money but hey, so far am happy with AT&T. So no matter what you do, DO NOT GET DIRECTV!!!! Move to Time Warner cable/ Adelphia, FIOS, DISH, whatever ..... anything but DIRECTV. They are a bunch of thieves with no conscience!


Los Angeles, CA

Avoid DirecTV like the plague!

Never anything to watch, and even though paying a fortune, there still were endless commercials, not only on programs but even on the menu!

They signed a contact with me for $29/mo. They then charged me $67/mo anyway. When I called them and faxed a copy of my contract, they said "So sue us."

My father was a co-ordinator of the Hughes Satellites which DirecTV uses, and I signed up in loyalty to him, but this is one of the worst and most dishonest companies I have ever dealt with, and is far, far removed from Hughes.
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