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IPv6 Conversion

Anyone know about ABB's plans for IPv6 conversion?


Johnstown, PA
·Northland Cable ..

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The last I spoke with them in PA they have no intention on using IPv6 until they have no choice! this seems to be there normal practice not to provide anything new until they have no choice for what ever reason! My experience as a 4 year customer (Not By Choice) is they provide as little as possible and charge the same rates as there competition! and there is none in Johnstown PA yet, I did see Verizon installing new lines on Bedford St to just before the Dale border and I believe they will continue is this FiOs? I would think so why would they spend $$$ installing new lines with old tech? I can say if Fios is offered I will drop ABB like a bad habit regardless of what they offer me to stay! just for being such a bad co!


Altoona, PA

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reply to tveye
Hello tveye, I work for Atlantic Broadband. We are working on IPv6 for our systems. There is no current conversion date, we have sufficient IPv4 addresses for now. If you have a specific technical concern I would be glad to work with you regarding that.


Miami Beach, FL
Thanks for the info, Jason. Good to have you monitoring the forums here!