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Longwood, FL

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reply to Simple Guy

Re: Your home deadbolt/locks are totally ineffective.

said by Simple Guy:

You know now is a good time to post something that I said twenty years ago. It was said from the perspective of growing up in the fifties in suburban California. To wit:

The single greatest indication of the deterioration of our society is locks and keys.

When I was a kid cars were parked downtown with their windows down in hot weather and overnight windows were left open as well as doors with just the screen door closed during hot weather. We left our bikes unlocked outside of school and the movie theaters. Newspaper racks were unlocked. The slot for the money was on the honor system.

Just my two-cents worth.

Sad isn't it? You are correct, society is progressively becoming more 'fallen', and it's really a spiritual problem as much as it is a physical one. People are becoming denser with more heavy energy, or more Tamasik. However I think things will eventually turn around.