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Mississauga, ON
reply to Packeteers

Re: VPN Review websights

packeteers i want to thank you for you reviews and research, thanks to you i found linkideo im trying for 3 days and is working great, i just need it to watch some Spanish us tv, i got the 2 dollar package, so again thanks

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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kudos: are welcome be sure to use VPNetMon with linkideo if you only got the 2€/mo service,
since their PPTP tunnel tends to drop often (between US:FR), about every 3 hours on average.

»forum.hidemyass.com/index.php?/t ··· p__17494

ironically - the French claim to clamp down on piracy of any French produced content,
but they don't seem to give a crap about people torrenting the rest of the World's stuff.

»extratorrent.com/article/2187/fr ··· acy.html

a few minor details to add since I last updated this thread;

the DNS for linkideo is often slow to non existence, so instead of using fr.linkideo.com
in your VPN client, I often find it's best to use their static IP which is:
don't be alarmed by this; as DNS delisting is a common way ISP's pay lip service to lawyers
seeking to prevent piracy, and is why Pirate Bay is now static IP based; »

»www.extremetech.com/internet/130 ··· re-times

I recently found that "Ovh Systems" which is the French Leaseweb type network
that linkideo uses, has been blacklisted as a forum post spammer, so you may find
various specialty forums will not allow you to connect while using fr.linkideo's VPN.

If you wish to pay for linkideo for more than 1 month at a time, after you get your bill
email support to send a new bill for 3 or 6 months and pay that instead of the monthly.
at these low prices, they do not offer any prepaid month quantity discounts.

Sicklerville, NJ
Try BolehVPN, you won't be disappointed! I have been using the service for several months, very fast download speed, 24/7, 7 days a week. No downtime or slow down since I signed up 4 months ago. A custom OpenVPN client is used that minimize in the notification area. There are several options connecting to the server, fullyrouted, routes all traffic, proxy is used for individual applications, utorrent, jdownloader, WinSCP, chrome with plugin, even with a 3rd party ios app if you choose. You can also select preferred servers. Anonymous payments is available, logs are not kept, privacy is taken very seriously. I have not experience any issues but the owner/founder is active in the community for support. I was very satisfied with the service, I signed up for a year subscription costing only $7.15 monthly. If you signed up 30 days or more subscription, you get a bonus gift .

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