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Re: [Cataclysm] DSLR is level 20

said by bTU:

If the guild XP for MoP quests is the same as in the beta you'll hit 25 in no time if you aren't already by the time it launches, plus alts will rep up quickly with opening MoP zone quest turn ins worth 175 guild rep to non humans with no rep bonuses. Be human and in a level 25 guild you'll go even faster. I've stopped grinding out dailies with alts for guild rep as they'll hit exalted just from leveling 85-90.

I reviewed the pre-release Cata guild stuff, and what was released was nothing like the stuff Blizzard initially presented. Guild talent trees, guild XP for crafting, never happened.

I'd bet Blizzard will want to encourage moving to MoP, and will likely raise guild XP requirements so guilds level about the same under MoP as they do under Cata. Probably early on there will be some exploits, as there were with Cata ... but I doubt Blizzard wants to make it very easy to level a guild to 25 or 30.
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