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Ottawa, ON

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[Extreme] Rogers vs Bell

I know we have all or problems but you know what I would rather be with Rogers then Bell were still having issues with bell and there bill they say we owe them 600$ which is S.H.I.T. we sent them there 2 receivers plus there DSL modem we have the waybills and all that we paid them last bill $300 bucks so how can we owe them $600 Dollars BELL are Idiots I will never never do Bizness with Bell Ever Ever again you phone for there Technical support and you get none English people that cant talk right and your always asking to repeat there sentence....

And Believe me I'm not the only person that think like that I have a few friends that went to rogers also they got fed up

Bell in my Opinion Sucks !!!


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Toronto, ON
reply to dabonz

Re: [Extreme] Rogers vs Bell

You just jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Nobody ever wins with these guys.


GTA, Canada
reply to dabonz
That, my friend, was the longest run-on sentence I have ever read!

I switched from Bell to Rogers on internet many years ago simply because Bell dropped my internet speed (from 1M to 600k...Yes, those 1M days). The Rogers ISP service is reasonably stable, but I really do dislike their cap @ 60GB. Watching my bandwidth usage like a hawk is not my idea of fun.