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Fort Smith, AR
·Cox HSI

Verizon Jetpack 890 connection issues....

I am wondering if anyone here can help me out. This is the first time I have worked with these mobile hotspots but am aware on how they work.

I have a friend that has a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista Home Edition. I just got finished cleaning out a bunch of malware that was preventing him from getting onto the Internet via a WiFi or an Ethernet connection.

After cleaning up the infections and resetting the Winsock stack (using 'netsh winsock reset' command), the laptop now works fine on WiFi and Ethernet. Can connect to web just fine and file sharing works great. (After cleanup, the laptop would not get an IPV4 address, but would an IPV6 address via DHCP, hence the stack reset).

He also has a Verizon Jetpack 890 Hotspot that he wishes to use. The laptop will successfully connect to the hotspot, will get an IP address just fine (, but will not connect to any websites (not even the internal web server on the hotspot at

I have tried this same hotspot with MY laptop (Dell Inspiron running Win 7 Ultimate). I can authenticate, I get an IP address, but cannot surf any sites (but I CAN access the Web Interface).

The Hotspot shows good connection (at least 3 bars) and shows to be obtaining an IP address via the web config page, but cannot surf any sites.

I have removed the battery and reseated the SIM card and even done a factory reset and let the hotspot reconfigure itself, but the problem persists.

Have not contacted Verizon Support in the hopes it may be a simple fix. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Newtown, PA
Possible SIM Card issue. See if that fixes it when they replace the SIM Card in the store.



Argyle, TX
reply to N10Cities
I finally got a high level tech representative that I believe has fixed my problem with the . I have had 4 different devices since last November, 2 air cards and 2 wifi’s, all with the same dropping connection every few minutes and unavailable for hours.
I have talked with about 10 different tech reps and finally a tech named Katy has fixed the problem. She's a hero.
She had me go to »vz.hotspot and under Network and she had me change setting to CDMA Auto from Global. she explained the drops are coming from the device going from 3G to 4G and this will stop it. It will always just be 3G until I change it.
Since I’m not technical and can’t remember all the steps, I would recommend you call a Verizon tech for help with this. Good luck, Katy is now my best friend.
It has been over 3 hrs and I haven't had any disconnects and it downloads much quicker.