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This is a sub-selection from I got a deal!

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Re: I got a deal!

said by Aron :

I'm not an expert at this BUT:
These faster speeds are virtually useless. Throttling prevents any real use of the speed IMO, and for those who think the internet "will shut down", don't really understand how it works.

Indeed, but it is not "throttling" which is the bottleneck. You can't pull data from my server at 1000 MB/s if my upload is only 512 kb/s.
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True, and that is the point. You can only get the data as fast as it is able to be served, whether by hardware restriction or software.

Basically, you are attaching a 300mbs straw to their 512k straw. The "Vacuum" won't pull it through any faster! It's ONLY gonna come in at that 512kbs.

And that's my argument/point. The download speeds that VZ FiOS offer will be of use only to a scarce few, hence those who also serve/receive at blazing speeds.

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reply to NormanS
What about most web sites being hosted in data centers with gigabits of bandwidth? They should be able to put out enough data to fill even a 300 megabit connection. The biggest bottleneck is consumer's wi-fi routers. Sure, they advertise 150 mbps speeds, but you have to be right on top of the router to get that speed. In the next room, you only get 20 mbps. 3 rooms away, you get 2 mbps.