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Wilmington, DE

Expired Contract

So, my contract expired....I'm running 25/25, Fios Digital Voice and the HD essentials package. I have 2 ancient Motorola boxes in the basement and bedroom and a newer 7232 (I think) HD DVR. What are the chances they will upgrade my set top boxes etc? It's been a while since I surfed the verizon forums.....sorry been hiding over in the Unix forums.....


Bradenton, FL
·Verizon FiOS

Wait a couple weeks, and perhaps you can get the 50/25 service as part of your renewal.

If you have 6xxx boxes their is a fair chance of getting an upgrade. The 6xxx cannot do mpeg4 and new channels may well mpeg-4. So far MPEG-4 has been used to add some MLB hd channels and Spanish channels. Note if they don't offer to update now, they will offer if you have a package with such channels.


Plano, TX
reply to Anonymark

On the 16th new speed levels are going into effect. Pricing hasn't been released yet. The assumption is that it will go up. If you get a contract now you will get the current prices along with a $250 Visa debit card. The debit card deal is expiring on the 16th when the new deals go into effect. Will they have new offers? I don't know.

Also, FIOS has better pricing on STB's if you bundle them, so you should check that out.

I signed a new contract a few weeks ago as I could lock in the old prices, get a $5.00 monthly discount and the VISA card. When the possible new prices and programs are out in the middle of the month, if I want I can upgrade, but if I don't, at least I can pay less till my contract runs out. Both options will be available.

So you can re-sign up now with a contract and get current pricing with the VISA card or wait. Probably no card and higher prices. But you'd have an option.

Whatever suits you but that's what is going on now.



You get 30 days to cancel after you sign a new contract. Definitely worth it to sign up for the current deal with the Visa card, and then compare it to the new packages in two weeks time. If they are better/cheaper whatever, you can cancel, and sign up for one of the new ones.

Wilmington, DE
reply to Anonymark

I'm getting the "can't access your online account error" so I'm going to have to call in to retentions. I'm going to renew tonight and re-evaluate when the new speeds come out. Let's see what they will offer....

Thanks for the help!


Wakefield, MA

I'm in the same boat - expired contract. I was not aware of the 30 cancel policy and appreciate that info.

Anonymark - post in here how you make out in your call. I have to call in too.

Millersville, MD
reply to Anonymark

FYI, I recently replaced older STBs with newer ones by calling the local Verizon FiOS store and asking for an exchange. Got a number, went in after work and did the hardware swap. No charge, no change in service, etc.

A few years prior, I had ancient boxes that wouldn't work with the caller ID on TV. At that point, we didn't have a VZ store near us so they had to ship us new boxes and we had to ship back the old. Again, no charge.

With the speed changes, I'm thinking it might be time to look at what I've got and what I can "bundle" for a discount. Last time I looked at it I would have ended up paying more to upgrade from my 20/5 service and get a bunch of TV channels I don't watch.

EDIT: Just did a speed test and I'm getting 25/5...so I'm not sure exactly which package I'm on. Doesn't matter, it's plenty fast.

Wilmington, DE
reply to Anonymark

I called and renewed. I got exactly what I have now for the same price, with a $250 gift card. I have 25/25, the unlimited digital phone package, 1 HD multi-room (the newer one) and 2 SD boxes. The tried to up sell the "home automation package, but I'm just going to do that using a "Vera" controller box and as-hoc components, no $9.99 monthly fee... The gist card will pay for the Vera/remote automation package...so I'm happy.