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Re: Oh well

California's problems have more to do with across the board under-taxation in various areas, the massive drain of illegal aliens and anchor babies, and the huge issue with crime. Now add in the tens of billions remitted abroad by these workers, that have no long-term vested interest in the place.

People in other states purchase billions of dollars of goods from CA and do not pay a dime in tax. Implement a federal GST and this problem is solved overnight, with the appropriate funds redistributed back to CA. It also close numerous black and grey market loopholes.

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There is no under-taxation going on in California and giving more money to a government that is completely out of control and rampant with fraud, waste and corruptions is not the solution to any problem.

Government doesn't have a revenue problem. It has a beyond horrible spending problem. Government at all levels is a virus that must be contained for the host, as in the people, to prosper. Without containment we clearly see it grows like a tumor until it finally kills the host.

Liberal hypocrites should stop expecting everyone else to pay for their stuff and stop blaming everyone else for their problems and laziness. Maybe if they didn't waste 4 years in school getting a degree in Art History with a minor in Sanskit they would have a salable skill and wouldn't be blaming "The Man" for their situation.

Liberals can try raising my taxes but what will happen is I simply fire my employees and take my business and jobs to another state as so many other small businesses have. And you may say good but when the productive part of society is gone liberals will have no one one to pull the cart full of the unproductive citizens. Meanwhile they'll start with my taxes and finish with yours and when you start having to pay you will change your tune just like the liberals in San Jose did yesterday.