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Port Coquitlam, BC
reply to bimmerdriver

Re: [BC] Best Modem for High Speed Turbo 25

Well I can confirm that the P870H-51a V2 works very well. Updated the firmware, enabled PHyR ( Through CLI ) it was off by default , into bridge mode and poof.
Nice and simple. Next up will be experimenting with upstream QoS

My request for the GPL source code so I can update PHY is still pending. I don't expect it to go too far as Zyxel are not very friendly when it comes to sharing.



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Just to report back... some fabulous Telus Tech (who hangs out on this board) took pity on me and sent me an ALU.

Using a linux box connected to the outside (it's faster than going through my router w/ QOS):

Ping: 22 ms
Download: 25.29 Mbps
Upload: 2.58 Mbps

So at the very least the ALU can run the posted speeds.

I also have an Actiontec V1000h which I switched into bridge mode after entering the root password. (Found out that you can get it out of bridge mode by plugging a connected cable to the WAN port.)

But at the time, central had problems w/ my setup and hadn't fully switched it to 25 Mbps. When I finally got a 2nd (or 3rd) tier tech on the phone, I had my ALU plugged in so that's what it's running now for the last 4 days.

If I get bored one day, I'll plug in the Actiontec and see what speeds I get (and run it for a day to test stability).

Vancouver, BC

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The ALU is an awesome modem, especially with the Actiontec PhyR!