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A Ninja Ant
United State
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reply to Mele20

Re: Emergency Bulletin: Unauthorized Certificate used in "F

said by Mele20:

said by antdude:

Doesn't IE automatically download its updated root certificates in the background once in a while?

Not if you have Automatic Updates disabled in XP Services. I haven't used Windows Updates (by manually going there or automatic updates) since 2004. When I was still able to get patches for XP Pro SP 2, I got them one by one manually from reading the Microsoft Bulletin and Knowledgebase article and downloading from the link there. I installed them one at a time, using the computer for a bit after each installation. I never got drivers, etc. from Windows Updates when I did use it before mid 2004 so I was used to going to nVidia for a driver, etc. For anything besides patches that I needed from Microsoft, I went to Microsoft downloads and searched for it. I will have to use WU (going there manually) one time, when I get a new computer, to get all updates needed for Win 7. Then I will disable Automatic Updates Service on it also.

Interesting. I guess I know why I get the unable to download root certificates in my XP's event logs now since I have automatic updates disabled as well.
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