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Yermo, CA

[ADSL2] IPv6 on DSL Extreme

I'm in a Verizon(ex-GTE) area that has DHCP enabled ADSL2 and now that Major ISPs are converting to IPv6, when will DSL Extreme do this for their DSL subscribers? I know I'd need a new router as the current Netgear WPN824v3 has an EOL designation which means there is no new firmware for it and the last 108_107 does not support 6to4, tunneling or IPv6...

Me I'd be getting another Netgear and I know which one I'd get too.

Chatsworth, CA

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We're not currently planning to convert to IPv6 anytime in the immediate future. The whole point of demand for IPv6 is that "IPv4 addresses are running out" (a very valid problem if you live in Asia or Europe), but we've already obtained sufficient IPv4 addresses for years to come so we're not concerned about such.

Do bear in mind that although IPv6 Launch Day was yesterday (»www.worldipv6launch.org/)... most of the internet ISN'T accessible if you're using IPv6. In fact, only about 30% of internet pageviews are possible if you're using IPv6; the remaining 70% of the time, you're trying to access a website that doesn't have IPv6 enabled, which means you're out of luck unless you have an IPv4 address. (»blogs.cisco.com/news/ipv6webimpa ··· bimpact/)

Of course, the internet is hardly static, and as things change we may later decide to convert to IPv6 if that's the best thing for our users. Right now, however, the best service we can provide means sticking with the more universally-accepted IPv4 standard.


San Diego, CA

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I'm considering DSL Extreme service and so searched for information about their IPv6 offerings or plans. This post is all I've been able to find.

Since you have sufficient IPv4 addresses, surely you wouldn't mind routing me an IPv4 prefix at no extra charge, right?

In general, there is no "conversion" to IPv6, as you put it. IPv6 and IPv4 will coexist for a long time, probably forever. So it's understandable that DSL Extreme has no plans to "convert" to IPv6.

What about plans to deploy IPv6 so that residential customers may have native IPv6 access? You already peer in IPv4 with the best-connected IPv6 ISP, Hurricane Electric, so that's a good start.

The Internet is much more than just websites.

Chatsworth, CA
We currently do not have plans to deploy IPv6. While the future is always open to change, that's where things stand now.


Long Beach, CA
reply to kenyon
said by kenyon:

The Internet is much more than just websites.

yes, it's a series of tubes.


reply to kenyon
Why are people demanding IPv6 from ISP's? If you're on IPv6 your internet would be limited. I don't see any benefit from IPv6, it's not like it's going to make your internet faster or access better in any way. Companies know what they are doing and let them transition when they believe is the right time for them and their customers.

Open Source Fan
Bethlehem, PA
·Verizon Online DSL
While my ISP is not DSL Extreme, I have to wonder..

said by ip :

Companies know what they are doing and let them transition when they believe is the right time for them and their customers.

#1 I read/heard from »www22.verizon.com/Support/Reside ··· 8742.htm that

Today (2012) the industry has very few sites that are IPv6-only and would require you to change your equipment (less than 1%)
Question: How high does that percent have to go up before it is the right time? 5%, 10% ??

Verizon is implementing these dual stack upgrades in its FiOS network, and the first upgrades will become available starting in 3Q12.
Question: When will DSL Extreme do that? For example 3Q13

The first phase will include Verizon FiOS customers who have a dynamic IP address.
Question: When DSL Extreme does that, will it give IPv6 Addresses to IPv4 dynamic IP address(es) before giving IPv6 to IPv4 Static Address(es)?


#2 I read/heard from »www.arin.net/resources/request/i ··· own.html

3.18 /8 in aggregate exist in APNIC and APNIC is in phase one.

Q) What phase lower than one, does the APNIC have to reach when it is the right time?

Please use the "yellow (IM) envelope" to contact me and please leave the URL intact.

Chatsworth, CA

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1a) There's no pre-set threshold, but an important determiner is WHICH sites are IPv6-only. For example, if YouTube or Paypal suddenly went IPv6-only, it'd certainly trigger a greater demand for IPv6 than if 5% of other random websites on the internet went IPv6-only. Again, however, we don't have any pre-set threshold at this time. Once I get an update regarding such, I'll be sure to post on this board.

1b) Directly tied to 1a, above.

1c) Not determined at this time.

2) Neither directly causes the other. "Phase one" is an indication as to how many IPv4 addresses APNIC has available. "The right time" which you are referring to is a matter of when websites switch over to IPv6-only.

As long as websites support both IPv4 and IPv6, there's really no need for us to be concerned over IPv6, because we have enough IPv4 addresses. It's only when they switch over to IPv6-only that it will become important.


Everett, WA
·Future Nine Corp..
reply to zoom314
Rather than conversion one should be wondering about adding the stack while leaving IPV4 intact. I don't think IPV6 will ever replace IPV4 100% for years to come. To remove the V4 stack and add V6 would be incredibly foolish.

I think many are under the misguided impression that V6 is just like V4 with a longer bit length and it should be easy. Nope! There's very little comparison between the two.

I remember last year when people were screaming, "The Sky Is Falling, we're out of V4 addresses"! I'm sure they had an exhaustion counter widget on their desktops as well to countdown to doomsday. The truth is that the sky hadn't even been made yet much less falling to earth.
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