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laurens BERN

[Equipment] router wireless AP with whitelist

I want to find the best router wireless Access Points that allows me to create a whitelist (not blacklist) with Internet addresses and not IP addresses. Do you know this type of product? I heard about D-Link - DIR-615, but is it the best for this, is it the only one to do it?
Thank you


House Springs, MO
MT can do that as well.

Is MT a wireless router? Sorry, I don't know this one....


Siren, WI
MT = Mikrotik = Routerboard




Mundelein, IL
reply to laurens BERN
Hardware devices like routers have a hard limit to the number of sites you can white-list. On D-Link I believe it's 20, do you need more than that? Remember that in addition to the websites you want to white-list there are going to be others that you need too; virus scan updates, adobe updates, windows updates, etc.

I have several doctors offices that use a white-list only method to reach the Internet and some of my lists are 80 to 200 domains. I'm using DNS Redirector (software that gets installed on their server) to do it.

The other option is OpenDNS, but they too have limits on the number of domains you can add, and to get more it's pretty expensive.

You also need to decide if DNS-based white-listing is good enough for you - this is the kind that routers, DNS Redirector or OpenDNS can do, to give you an example:

» = Yes
» = Yes
» = Yes
» = No
» = No
» = No

The ones that = No are URLS, not domains, so only expensive web filtering software like N2H2, Bess, Websense, or proxy servers can allow/deny various sub-folders or pages of the same domain.


Fort St James, BC
reply to laurens BERN
You seem to be looking for home grade equipment by mentioning Dlink. Look for something that can handle dd-wrt. Google it for a list of routers that can be flashed with their firmware. Most Linksys are dd-wrt capable.

Almost all commercial grade APs include options to whitelist or blacklist by MAC.


reply to techguy2012
Thank you a lot. Very good.
I understand what you say.
I found a DIR 615 or 655 from D-link , it seems ok to do this:
» = Yes
» = Yes
» = Yes
» = Yes
» = Yes
It's by keyword. I need to have the keywords of the URL and it's ok.
Tomorrow, I test it.
At firt I have URLS 17 and finally about 50.