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Mod King
Plano, TX
·Verizon FiOS
reply to rexbinary

Re: Red Hat users pay up to run Fedora on Windows 8 machines

Red Hat Drinks the Microsoft Kool-Aid
"One security threat that has been getting a lot of interest lately is the ability to ensure the integrity of the early boot sequence"

Only because the richest software company on the planet is utterly incompetent, and incapable of building a secure operating system. So instead they bully the rest of the world into trying to mitigate the security disaster that is Microsoft Windows.

"The mechanism used to confirm the integrity of operating system software...uses traditional key signing and variations of checksumming... Performing the checks early is crucial as it provides a safe, verified starting point."

ORLY? Key signing is the answer, eh? Oopsie, no it isn't, as the Flame malware proves. Flame spoofs Microsoft's own Certificate Authority, takes over Windows Update, and fools Windows computers into thinking they're installing genuine proven-trusted signed Microsoft code.
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