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MOD King
Plano, TX
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reply to rexbinary

Re: Red Hat users pay up to run Fedora on Windows 8 machines

Red Hat deal with Microsoft is a bad idea
In November 2006, when Novell signed a patent licensing deal with Microsoft, the free and open source software community, for the most part, was predictably appalled.

But recently when Red Hat announced that it had signed a deal with Microsoft to ensure that Linux could be installed on PCs that were Windows 8-capable - in other words, those that supported secure boot - there was very little outcry. Red Hat is now trying to justify this act.
»www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analy ··· bad-idea
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Thanks for the links. Good reads!

said by LXer :

Only because the richest software company on the planet is utterly incompetent, and incapable of building a secure operating system. So instead they bully the rest of the world into trying to mitigate the security disaster that is Microsoft Windows.

said by iTWire :

What better illustration of the way Microsoft does things? It is repeatedly able to persuade seemingly sane companies to join hands with it - and then yanks the equivalent of the ball away at the last minute...

Embrace, extend and extinguish is what has made Microsoft.

It knows no other methods.

Red Hat will find out over the next few years that the leopard never changes its spots.

Very well stated.