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Wethersfield, CT

[Equipment] 3G Network Extender

I just upgraded my 1G network extender to a 3G version. The GPS receiver in this new unit does not appear as sensitive. I was amazed that the old one worked so well in a building with a steel roof. I don't have window access so I have to live with the limitations of the installation. With dumb luck I found one place where the gps antenna found a signal but I can't leave the antenna there. The only signal strength indication is a GPS ok led. It has about a 2 minute delay on capture or loss of the signal. Is there a way to access the extender to view a more real time GPS signal strength indication to figure out where to put the antenna? The antenna is supplied with a 25' cable.

Andover, NJ
Sorry to say this but Verizon has the extender interface pretty well locked down.
I have heard of no reports of anyone gaining access to the internals.

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

NW Minnesota

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On my 1G network extender, I can relocate the unit away from GPS coverage, once it gets a lock, provided I don't power it down. If the 3G works the same way, it may only be necessary to have your network extender in your GPS "hot spot" long enough to get a lock. As for as a real-time coverage indicator, I use the status screen on my portable GPS.

I'm curious as to how this works out for you since I'm thinking of picking up a 3G unit to replace my 1G.

Wethersfield, CT

3G Network Extender

I found on both the 1G and 3G units that they would continue to function through a few minutes of bad reception, maybe even 5 to 10 minutes but then they both stop functioning if they totally lost the signal. Eventually found a sweet spot for the antenna. It was just a few feet above the extender sitting on top of the dropped ceiling staring up at the steel roof. GPS light is rock stable and the extender is working great. Everybody get 4 or 5 bars of 3G. Speeds seem to be 1 to 2 Mbps and the voice service is better now, too. I paid $100 for a reconditioned one from Verizon. If you can't get one from them I see lots of them on ebay. Recommended.