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reply to DarkLogix

Re: Vivendi to discuss sale of Activision Blizzard...

it's obvious, facebook... you've heard it here first. real id connected to you facebook profile... with links to your character profile.... facebook connecting social media to the masses, or at least to the mass multiplayers. trade chat straight to your wall.

Nick D
Orange, CA
I'm not sure if you were actually directly referencing this, but a friend of mine from FB friended me over RealID in Diablo III using a Facebook Friend Finder. The B.net alert referenced the service directly, so I know that's how he got my BattleTag.

I wasn't aware that existed until the request popped up.

Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH
reply to gains
I find it hilarious.
People cry about lack of privacy on he internet all the time but:
1]They hop onto Cloud storage. Anything stored on someone else's hard drives is no longer private, IMO.
2]They send e-mails [like your company warns you, e-mails can be read at at anytime they feel the need to check them. Something with the internet service provider/e-mail service you use at home.
3]Willingly post pictures and updates about what they are up to on social media sites. But yet have a "melt" down because phone manufacturer/cell phone companies/retailer track their movements.
4]Using Real ID or it's like. So instead of 100 different passwords you just use one, to log into all your sites [facebook, twitter, dslreports]. The only time I've used Real ID [I think it's a Blizzard thing] is to chat with my kids in WOW. Outside of that I don't share my e-mail or ID with anyone.
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