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West Tenness
reply to Alakar

Re: Screw you thieves

said by Alakar:

Maybe so, but it's HBO that is refusing to take my money. I don't have cable TV service, but love HBO's series and was a subscriber while I had cable TV service. Since I "cut the cord", HBO has given me no option to subscribe. Since HBO has made it that I can't subscribe without ordering cable service I don't want or need, I torrent the shows.

As I said I'm against pirating. Those that want something for nothing I have no use for, but in your situation I can see a difference. Those that WANT to give HBO money but HBO refuses then really fuck HBO.

If a black guy walks into a store that is owned by a white racist and the black guy wants to buy a $2 load of bread and the white owner says "I don't sell to black people" and the black guy leaves the $2 on the counter and walks out did he "steal" the bread? Nope.


·Verizon FiOS
What are you talking about ? His choice was to CUT THE CORD. He disconnected his service, there are consequences. Its not an excuse to steal.

If he wants HBO content, SUBSCRIBE. Lets be real, you think he's torrenting just HBO? Hes stealing EVERYTHING under the Sun. Everyone in this country has access to HBO.