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Tustin, CA
reply to Octavean

Re: [Sci-Fi] Prometheus Imax 3D

said by Octavean:

I watched it again on DVD and liked it even more the second time.

I just saw it again and...

It still sucked!

There were so many unbelieveably stupid decisions that this spaceship's crew could actually make the Gilligans Island folks look BRIGHT!

Here is a list:

- Starting an expedition with a storm on an alien world fast approaching. It took several YEARS to get there, they can wait another day. (The Capitan was stupid to allow it).

- Entering an unknown underground area without detailed scans of the SEVERAL OTHER IDENTICAL structures right next to it.

- Taking off your helmet on an Alien Planet with an Unknown Biosphere and exposing youself to goodness knows what.

- Not running an Extremly Detailed and Thorough bioscan of everyone and everything prior to letting them back onto the ship. (Double Points since everyone was STUPID enough to take off their helmets).

- Getting lost trying to go back to a ship when you are being tracked in Real Time with a high tech 3D mapping system.

- Not noticing that 2 members of the crew had failed to return to the ship when they clearly intended to... on an open radio channel... being monitored by everyone.

- Not having any peremiter security systems on an alien world.

- Not having any sensors designed to detect an alien contaminant inside the ship.

- Not have the FIRST @#$! CLUE about how to conduct a First Contact Mission. Which is what they should have expected since they were responding to a message left by an advanced alien civilization.

- Having the crew of THE most important manned mission ever be composed of the STUPIDEST people in their fields.

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New Jersey

Yeah, but without all that, there wouldn't be any movie!

Beware Lectroids from PlanetX
Cloverdale, VA

yeah I agree... real and successful science and engineering doesn't sell tickets, until there is failures or deaths involved... No one makes a movie about how buildings are standing or bridges cross rivers.... but if that building falls or the bridge collapses....
"Remember, no matter where you go, there you are!!"

New York, NY

1 recommendation

reply to Sniper3142

So,........in other words you didn't like it.

Got it.