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[OOL] Slow I mean Really slow speeds in Montville, NJ

Is it just me or is Montville NJ getting really slow speeds with OOL? Specifically, Highland Avenue, Montville NJ 07045.

For he last few nights I have used Speedtest.net to get a reading of the download speeds around 8:00PM.

Now I understand that congestion can be high at that time but my scores are 0.28 MPS to 0.34 MPS. I pay for regular service (Well a bundle) which I understand can be as high as 15 MPS. But I rarely get over 3 MPS.

Is there something that can be done?

Are others in the Area also seeing very slow speeds? Please let me know. I want to be able to say to Cablevision that the problem is widespread. Especially before my next rate hike.

There's no shortage
Sty in Sky
You should have things checked out.

Either start a thread in »Optimum Direct
or call in and open a service request.
Ad astra per alas porci!!


reply to CR
I have the same problem living in Pine Brook. I called customer support and upgraded to higher speed last night. Peak performance is still very bad. At 6:00 AM it was 15MPS and now it is down to 1.2MPS at 6:00PM. Not acceptable for the price we are paying.


Randolph, NJ
I've posted in this thread:

»[help] Good signal very slow speeds

about similar issues. They are sending a tech out "to check your equipment". I told them speeds are where they should be at around 6-7 am and then quickly degrade, so it would seem to be THEIR equipment. Maybe they will upgrade me to a Docsis 3 modem, or maybe actually do something about the prime time congestions.


Wayne, NJ
When the tech comes ask for an Arris modem.