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Spring Hill, FL

Is DSL service for 2 computers on 1 line possible?

I have my DSL service going thru my modem/router to my desktop PC. I have a laptop in another room accessing the internet via a wireless connection to that router.

Question is, can I connect that laptop to another modem and have it connect to the DSL service from that other room's phone jack?

If so, what would be the drawbacks? Slower access speed when both PCs are downloading data?



Huntsville, AL

No you can't do that. What you could do is run an ethernet cable from your router to where you want to use the laptop (and plug the laptop into the ethernet cable). Or you could get some home powerline adapters and use those to connect your laptop to your router through the electrical wiring in your house (the laptop would need to be close to an electrical outlet).

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Pelham, AL
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All you need is a cheap ethernet switch. Instead of going from the modem to a computer, connect the modem (which is usually also a router) to the switch. Then connect each computer to the switch. After doing so, you will have your own small LAN.

You can get an ethernet switch almost any place that sells computer stuff, from Best Buy to Staples. Don't pay over $50 for one, but probably a lot less.

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Key West, FL
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Folks they said already a WiFi router so forget the cabling stuff.

While not stated think they though maybe more speed... its the same connection no more is going to pass through it, and you can not sync two modems on a single line any ways. DSL is 1-1 only.

Essentially so is cable unless you maybe pay a lot more than standard. But think that too is still limited to 1 modem per cable drop/account then ether or Wifi you need to spread..


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Summarize- 2 DSL modems on the same outside phone line coming from the pole to the NID.

From the NID, inside phone lines going to different phone jacks in different rooms?

One line, 2 modems = no.

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I have one of these that you can have for free, if you want it...


Just send me $8.00 for the USPS shipping fee to send it from SoCal to Florida.

It's brand-new - used for 1 week only, while i was staying at a hotel 2 years ago..:+)
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Prattville, AL
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I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.

Almost all phone wiring will have multiple pairs.
You should be able to get a second DSL circuit
on a free pair.

So you could wire that second jack for the second

If it's redundancy -- a different provider ie cable
would be better.

If it's additional speed a dual WAN router might
fit the bill »www.amazon.com/Cisco-RV042-4-por···002I7288

If it's distance look at -- »Alternatives to Wired Cat5e Networks


Las Vegas, NV
reply to beast_3

I dont see what the point of connecting two DSL modems to the same phone line would do for you besides that being an impossibility because only 1 modem will be registered to your line.

More than likely that modem/router might have extra ethernet ports back there for you to plug in more than 1 computer, if not then, do what another person has suggested already...attach a switch to it...then you can have at least 5 more ports.

You daisy chain the dsl modem/router to a switch, and then plug all your computers into that switch.

You can still have wifi through the modem/router OR you can plug another wifi router into the switch.

Those are pretty much all the options I can think of.

A nice cheapy router will cost about $10-15. Look up Amazon for a bunch of them. I think I got my brother one recently for cheap and it's green and cool running. Or Newegg always have some deals..much better than buying from Bestbuy.