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·Vitelity VOIP
reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: New Features?

said by ArizonaSteve:

In your review you said: "voip.ms has pretty much stopped releasing new features". What features are you talking about besides making & receiving calls? Do they have other features? Also you mentioned having 2 lines, how did you do that, pay for 2 different lines? My Aastra phone has 3 lines but I don't know why I'd want more than 1.

Some of their current features (that I use) are: IVR, ring groups, subaccounts, caller filtering, phone book, CNAM, iNUM, SIP address, etc. With voip.ms offering these features, I do not have to add an additional point-of-failure to my system by using an Asterisk box.

As far as having multiple lines, I have 3 DIDs with voip.ms. I have people that call me from different area codes, with the multiple DIDs, they can call me and not pay long distance charges (yes people call me from POTS lines).

Also, I have moved in the last year and I am able to keep the phone number in my previous area code for $1.49/month. I don't get very many calls on it anymore, but I am glad that I still have it.

I have two handsets with my IP phone. If someone is using one handset, I can still answer incoming calls/place outgoing calls from the second handset.

If you only want 1 line, then you can only pay for one line, that's the beautiful thing about choice!
This is a sub-selection from New Features?