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Tomato MLPPP keeps trying to connect?

Hi all.

On Velcom with 2 line MLPPP on 1.27 alph7 and I keep seeing this in the logs

Jun  8 20:09:04 cr1-main user.info redial[8356]: Started.
Jun  8 20:09:04 cr1-main local2.info pppd[8357]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
Jun  8 20:09:04 cr1-main local2.notice pppd[8357]: pppd 2.4.4 started by root, uid 0
Jun  8 20:09:05 cr1-main local2.info pppd[8357]: PPP session is 34
Jun  8 20:09:05 cr1-main local2.notice pppd[8357]: Starting negotiation on eth1
Jun  8 20:09:12 cr1-main local2.info pppd[8357]: Remote message: ^M^JYou are already logged in - access denied^M^J^J
Jun  8 20:09:12 cr1-main local2.err pppd[8357]: PAP authentication failed
Jun  8 20:09:12 cr1-main local2.notice pppd[8357]: Connection terminated.
Jun  8 20:09:12 cr1-main local2.info pppd[8357]: Exit.
but speedtest and my status page already show connected with 2/2 and the bonding is working.

why is it still trying to connect?

how do I fix?