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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to N3OGH

Re: Microwave!

Tell us about the Insurance company claim, how it went, and who they are.

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs
Insurance company was/is Liberty Mutual. I was very unhappy with the way the claim was handled.

To be fair, it was not the insurance company's fault I went five days with no power (and no water, I have a well) but they didn't do me any favors.

For the past 12 years I had my home owner's insurance with LM. "Deluxe" policy with replacement insurance (none of that depreciation business). They seriously short changed me on the replacement of the appliances and the electrical repair work in my house. The electric pole in front of my house was struck by lightning during the storm. Anything that was on when I was hit was fried. Anything behind a UPS survived, so the network gear & my Mac Mini (which is getting long in the tooth, I almost wish it got fried..) made it through. The printer was on a simple surge suppressor. FRIED. Along with the FIOS cable boxes. Fortunately, Verizon took them back and did not hit me for the cost of them being fried.

When they finally brought the power back on, half the shit in my house still wasn't working. I went down the basement and found more than half the breakers in my service were tripped. Never seen anything like it. When I reset the breakers, the one for my dishwasher continued to trip when I tried to power it up. I finally let it be and when I came upstairs, there was a cloud of acrid black smoke coming from the front panel.

After going 15 days without a refrigerator I finally decided to go out and replace my appliances on my own using my credit card. What the insurance company paid was no where near what my loss was even with the deductible and I'm still not happy about it. Had I the resources and time I would have taken on a public adjuster, but after everything that happened I just wanted to cook a meal in my own kitchen again and watch some TV.

When Irene hit I was still a first responder in my home town. I spend the bulk of the storm tending after others. Hey, no complaints that was my job. I chose it. Then I had to come home after a 24 hour shift & use a borrowed generator to suck the standing water out of my basement with no way to take a shower or cook a meal for 5 more days.

Fuck you, Irene.

Oh, and WAAAAA me. Yeah, I know I'm bitching. Sometimes we need to bitch, but then again I HAVE A MICROWAVE!!!!
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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
Thank you; I'll remember to avoid Liberty Mutual. What's the post of paying for replacement cost if they refuse to actually pay to replace anything. You could consider a complaint to your state's Insurance Commission.

I know someone here who had a fight with Farmer's Insurance and after he got the Insurance commission involved they finally paid his claim.

I had a similar Lightning strike experience years ago when I was renting an apartment, and I had replacement cost rental insurance. Being a young single male at the time, almost my entire net worth was tied up in high end electronics. I liked my equipment and opted to have it repaired. The Insurance company paid for all of it and gave me no issues. The problem wasn't the insurance company, the problem was I learned the hard way that a lot of stuff takes damage in such a situation and then never works the same again or as in my case suffers repeated failures and continuous repairs over and over for the remainder of it's lifetime until you get sick of it and discard them.

I NOW know from experience that if electronics are damaged by lightning, it's not worth it to get them repaired and then the insurance company pays for the repair---- as future problems will all be on your own dime.
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Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL
Why not have the electrician install a whole-house surge suppressor/Protection?

Surely, this should provide you a first line of insurance before you call Liberty Mutual.

And speaking of Liberty Mutual, I'd like to go with the home insurance company because of the commercial:


It's because I love bicycles. I really feel like I want to sign up for them when I buy a townhouse in Houston, TX.
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Houston, TX
reply to KrK
said by KrK:

Thank you; I'll remember to avoid Liberty Mutual.

And, State Farm and USAA and Allstate.

I'm with LM now after bad experiences with AS and SF. MIL is former Air Force and had bad deal with USAA.

I think you'll find good and bad experiences with them all.

I did take AS to arbitration with the threat of a potential suit and after the 40% to the lawyers I got back enough money to replace my roof twice.

So, new roof and 10 grand in the bank WOOT!