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Tampa, FL
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reply to mattnews22

Re: Bought a TV for my computer

said by mattnews22:

I have my old gaming rig hooked up to my Sony 46" in my living room via HDMI. It an moded HP w/ Core2Q6700/Radeon 4870 and serves as an HTPC and mostly controller based gaming (have my custom i7-920/GTX 470 for the hardcore stuff). Glad you found a TV that suits your needs. Sometimes its hard to get the proper specs to ensure its going to behave.

I noticed you had a Radeon as well. Have you (or anyone else here) had the problem where Catalyst wont remember overscan settings after waking up from sleep? I have to use a little app made by some German guy that helps fix it...sometimes. Been an issue since a certain driver update a while back. Still dont know why AMD/ATI cant get this fixed.

I'm clueless as far as the settings of the card go, I haven't touched anything in the config, what should I be looking for to get the optimal config?