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reply to Brano

Re: Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

Funnily enough, because I don't want to sound paranoid; when I first came here asking and pushing till WCB got sick of me, I found then on Win XP, sp 1 and dial up, there seemed something running on the computer because web site history did not match where I went, there was some shocking links I would not want to reproduce here or anywhere. Fast forward, the windows update redirection sounds familiar, because what ever happened it seemed like every update it was staying ahead of the patches.

I just can't believe how some of this behavior sounds so similar to what was happening then. Maybe some malware just proxies windows updates etc for it's own purpose, it is a platform standard?

All the read up just takes me back to then.......the funny thing though:
If then was a baby brother to what is here of late, the time frame they are referencing at present, for the history of file date stamping would double. Scary thought.

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