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Skokie, IL
reply to PhreePhly

Re: Move to FiOS TV from DirecTV?

One thing you might want to consider is getting a TiVo Premiere Elite box (their 4 tuner DVR) or Premiere XL instead of the FiOS DVR. Works much better and has a much better interface although it does not have their On demand service. I have two of them and am really happy with them.

I switched from DirecTv when they stopped supporting TiVo and have been much happier.


Redlands, CA
reply to PhreePhly
So, I took the plunge and on Wednesday got my FiOS TV installed. As I already had FiOS internet, all that needed to happen was change my ONT to the MOCA connection. The DirecTV installer did a great job of installing the hookups to my sets and put the splitter near the ONT location, making the FiOS tech's job much easier. The tech did have to run a ground wire, as the service was not grounded initially when it was installed 2 years ago.

I got the 7232 DVR, and so far no problems. In fact one thing I like is that button presses react immediately. On the DTV box, there was always a lag.

The channel guide will take some getting used to, or I need to figure out a different mode, but I really like DTV's visual setup better. Seemed easier to browse channels. It could also be that I'm just used to it after 2 years.

The VOD options on FiOS are amazing. I cannot believe how much stuff is available. Very nice.

HD picture quality is as good as the DTV. I see absolutely no difference.

It's early yet, only two days, so I'll come back and do a few updates now and then for others that might be contemplating the same move.

I will say the 75/35 internet boost (from 25/25) is pretty sweet, although I haven't really used that much download capacity, yet. Heck, I haven't found a download service that can feed me that much. Ran some speed tests, and am getting different results. Using BBR speed test, I get 25/35 but using speedtest.com I get 84/35. Not sure what the problem is there. I downloaded Windows 8 RP from MS Technet, which uses the Akamai servers and got around 4.2 MB/s download speed, so better than what 25 Mbps would give me, but not the whole 75 Mbps.


South Grafton, MA

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reply to PhreePhly
It looks like you already switched. I hope you read through this thread before making a decision.

»[HD] My Fox Soccer HD Issues - Advice Needed

FSC HD is a F****** DISASTER on Fios. I'm going back to Directv next week.

FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA
reply to PhreePhly
said by PhreePhly:

Looking for advice from folks who have moved from DirecTV to FiOS TV. I have been a happy DTV customer for almost 10 years. I have FiOS internet (have for the past 2 years) and love that service. I have had billing issues with Verizon that I have never had them with DTV, but they were always resolved well.

I am looking to save some money with the bundle deals, but I don't want to jump into something (and the associated 2-year contract) only to be kicking myself for making the move.

Any quality issues? Any notable missing channels?

Thanks in advance.

IF you are into sports STAY!!!! the billing issues are alive and well, they will F*** you with fees and overages and it takes upwards of 6 months to get it corrected, and if you are like me and get agrevated by openly deceptice practices STAY!!!!!!!!


Redlands, CA
Too Late, I already switched. So far...so good. Fox Soccer does have the audio issue, and that is a bit annoying. Not sure who is to blame at this point. However, I recorded a game on the DVR and when I rewatched it, no audio issues at all. The only thing my DirecTV had was Direct Ticket, but I knew I was not going to order that anyway.

My first bill seems to have everything in order. I did request the person I dealt with on the phone to breakdown every cost I would expect to see with my setup.

What overages are you talking about, nothing I have has a cap or anything like it? On the internet side? I have had the internet service for 2 years and have never seen an overage charge.

My next adventure is to see how well the Media Manager stuff works. I have all of my DVDs ripped and it would be awesome to access to those as well as my music. I might need to build a small headless file server to run the media manager.