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reply to jc10098

Re: I always thought...

said by jc10098:

This isn't the dark ages where we pull out a map and start figuring out where to go. Yes, I didn't always have GPS but I'm now glad I do!

I guess I'm old-fashioned but even though I've got a GPS (Garmin Nuvi) I always plan out my route on a map prior to leaving.

In fact I try to avoid using the GPS as much as possible. I find the best way to learn a new area is to use maps, even if you have to get lost a couple of times. If I follow a GPS I find I never learn the streets, I don't pay any attention to landmarks or street names or anything, I just follow what the GPS tells me to do. This is why I avoid it as much as possible.


Mississauga, ON
Thing is, that the use of GPS and other assistive devices when done right can be a great boon. Let me use myself as an example:

I have a Ford Fusion w/SYNC, using SYNC I can answer calls, listen to internet radio in the car over USB (which nets me the song info on the display) and use a map app on my iPhone over the cars speakers.

Now I'm sure at this point you're going "you don't need that stuff"

But what if I told you that I have a physical disability that means I can't use my right hand for something as simple as using wiper controls if they are on the right hand side of the steering column?

See how the picture changes?

All I'm suggesting is that before saying that all of these advances are of no use, that you stop and think of other properly implemented uses because with assists from this technology, I can in fact concentrate on driving