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Montclair, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
reply to PhreePhly

Re: Move to FiOS TV from DirecTV?

Well, here you go. I had Directv for 10 years, switched to FiOS a few years ago. When my contract was up, FiOS didn't offer me anything special to stay, so I went back to Directv. Three months into Directv I was regretting going back and lo and behold, FiOS comes to me with a great offer (that had they offered me when my contract was up, would have kept me at the time) so I decide to switch back.

The FiOS DVR's - the 7232 models, which is what I have - are perfectly fine. Add an external HD and you have a ton of recording space. They are much faster than the molasses slow Directv DVRs. It's not even close - even the new Directv models. I loved the convenience of the Directv five tuner DVR, but it was so slow overall and deathly slow when multiple streams were being recorded.

If you like a lot of HD sports, don't switch. Directv offers so much more in that department. I will say this, since this 1.9.1 update, I've noticed a few more audio/video glitches than before. I don't know what else to attribute it to besides the guide update.

Also (knock wood) I've never lost my FiOS signal for any reason. Not during the crazy October snow storm, not during the hurricane/tropical storms that battered my state last summer. Nothing. Directv? Not so much.

Cost favors FiOS with their bundles.

So there's my two cents. Good luck with your decision.