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Tavistock NJ
reply to 88615298

Re: Very few users care about privacy - Facebook example

said by 88615298:

Funny any job I have applied for has an area on it for your birthdate. Some jobs actually require a minimum age. Like 14 year olds can't work at McDonald's. Kind of need a birthdate for that. Under 21 year old's can't serve alcohol in many places. Kind of need to ask for an age in those jobs. I'm pretty sure that if you put down where you went to college you have to put WHEN you graduated so they can make sure you are telling the truth. Unless you're some Doogie Howser and graduated at 12, they can tell how old you are by your graduation year.

Yes, the law is stupid in many ways. But all the anti-discrimination laws passed in Washington are pretty stupid. I couldn't ask how old someone was, but like you say, graduation dates; dates when previously employed; and just plain using my eyes could tell me how old someone was. I had to sit thru a 1 day Human Resources seminar before the company would let me interview people for a position. And IF I wanted to discriminate for my own personal reasons, I could. I just was taught how to make sure that wasn't included in comments I made on interview forms HR made me fill out. The whole thing was just 1 big game we had to play to keep the federal watchdogs happy.